Tile Colour Psychology- How the Tile Colour Affects the Vibe of Your Home

Have you ever stepped into a room and immediately felt your mood shift? Did you feel at ease and relaxed? Did you feel invigorated and happy? Or did you find yourself suddenly agitated and overwhelmed? 

Interestingly, the colour of the space, especially the tile floor and wall, may influence your mood. Colours, in fact, have been scientifically proven to affect our moods, actions, and stress levels. Of course, this isn't a precise science. However, in general, people's sensitivities to colours are similar. As a result, it's critical to take your time choosing tile colours so that you may accomplish exactly what you want from the rooms in your home. 

The task of choosing the correct tile colour is thrilling, but it may also be intimidating due to a large number of alternatives available. You want the tile to go in with the rest of your decor, but you also want something that makes you feel at ease. Tile colour psychology is an excellent interior design technique that takes into account the wide range of emotions that each colour evokes.

In today's blog article, we'll talk about colour psychology, which explains the significance of each colour so you may complete your home improvement project in a way that actually represents your personality and mood. 

So, let's have a look at a colour psychology chart now, shall we??

Blue Tiles for Stability & Tranquillity

The colour blue is associated with calmness, serenity, faith, knowledge, and peace. It's also the most consistent colour, resulting in a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. It's also the ideal shade for evoking a 'beachie' vibe. Blue is; therefore, an excellent tile colour for bathrooms, bedrooms, living spaces, and even a home office. 

Blue colour tiles can also help you stay focused, reduce your heart rate, and increase your productivity. Blues and blue greys might be a great complement to your laundry room's or bathroom's backsplash. Here, check out the SILVER SPECTOET BLUE tiles by AGL Tiles; it's beautiful tiles that will go really well in your bathroom.

White Tiles for Simplicity & Serenity

Cleanliness, purity, freshness, and simplicity are commonly associated with white-coloured tiles. White tile walls and flooring may make rooms appear more prestigious and expansive when employed in the house. Not to mention, the bright colour might represent a new beginning. In a large space, though, an excess of white might appear dull and steri

As a result, it's critical to add a splash of colour to balance out the monochrome palette. To achieve that contrast, think about your vanity, countertop, or accessories. White tile, when used properly, is a beautiful and functional choice for modern kitchens, baths, laundry rooms, and other areas. If you are looking for white tiles but fear that they will be too bland, then the GLACIER WHITE tile by AGL is the right option for you. It has beautiful veins that will give your room some character.

Red Tiles for Vibrancy & Passion

Red is a captivating colour that represents strong emotions like passion, drama, excitement, vigour, and even hunger. Red colours are ideally suited for the kitchen and dining area in the home because of their potential to enhance our metabolism and pulse rate. Red tile in particular, such as dark red subway backsplash tile, may produce a striking impression. Dark reds, such as maroon, can generate feelings of bravery and authority.

On the other hand, you may always blend red tiles with magenta or subdued greys to soften the aggressive impression. Pair rustic red tile with earth tones like brown, blue, and green for a more natural look. If you like the natural wood look in red, you might want to check out the PIANTE REDWOOD wooden planks by AGL. 

Green Tiles for Healing & Harmony

Green is a soothing colour for your eyes and reflects nature. It's a popular choice for living rooms and bedrooms because of this. Lighter greens convey a sense of freshness and development, whereas darker greens emanate a sense of dignity and prosperity. When green tiles are used in a room, they give it a natural and organic feel.

Turquoise and green are colours that represent nature, harmony, happiness, and emotional safety. They are also incredibly soothing to the eyes. Green tiles are also good selections for practically every area in your house due to their associations with peace and healing (e.g., living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.) The ARMONI GREEN tile by AGL is a subtle green tile that is perfect for you if you have your doubts about green.

Yellow, Orange or Gold Tiles for Energy & Warmth

Colours like yellow, orange, and gold evoke sentiments of joy, inventiveness, success, and determination. According to studies, these colours improve brain oxygen supply, have an invigorating impact, and promote brain function. Orange is the ideal colour for a space that requires a burst of passion and vitality in the home. While yellow conjures up images of sunlight, gold has made a comeback in modern design.

Remember that brighter tile colours are better for smaller, more minimalist applications, such as kitchen backsplash tiles. To create an energising ambience, combine bright oranges with yellow and red. The ACROPOLIS GOLD tiles by AGL is one of its type of floor tiles.