EWC & Orissa Pan

Orissa Pan- A Classic Western Indian Toilet

The necessity for toilets must have been more apparent than most other things ever since humans began organizing their dwelling areas by putting in place a well-planned system. As soon as the first toilet was invented, we humans updated its design and operation at every turn.

Orissa pan, also known as Eastern-Style Water Closet (EWC), Asian Pans, Squatting Pan, CT Pan, etc., is a preferred Indian toilet due to its traditional significance & health benefits. Despite the fact that contemporary water closets are progressively replacing this kind, it is still regarded as the healthiest option amongst all. 

In India, China, and Japan, Orissa pans are all made in a variety of designs, with little variations from country to country. Compared to other types of toilets, these Orissa pan types of toilets are also found to be more affordable. This Indian toilet is also a preferred choice in most Indian schools & hostels.

In order to keep the toilets clean, the Orissan pan will not be connected directly to the drainage pipes. An 'S' or 'P' trap will be used to connect the Orissan pan to the drain pipe. A water seal prevents unwanted odours from escaping the drain line using this trap.

AGL Orissa Pan

Given the importance, EWC and Orissa Pan carry, both functional and visual, AGL has a varied collection for you to select the one which appeals the most and characterizes the entire bathroom beautifully. 

At AGL, you'll have access to numerous eastern water closets that are high-quality, water-saving, and smart. Eastern water closets are a great value for the money. They are durable and efficient. They are eco-friendly and can be incorporated into any type of interior decorating.

A wide variety of eastern water closets constructed of high-quality ceramic that is environmentally friendly are available to you. There are several types of eastern toilets to choose from, such as one-piece, dual flush, two-pieces, elongated or circular toilets. According to the models and needs, AGL offers a broad range of eastern water closets.

To check out the Orissa pan price list, give us a call on +91-79-66125698.

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