Tile Design for Living Room

Whenever you enter your home, the first room you are going to notice is the Living Room, so make sure that it is worth admiring. Whether your living room is spacious or compact, tiling is always exceptional for flooring as well as for creating an accent wall. 

At AGL Tiles, you can find many great options of tile designs for the living room that will definitely catch your eye & feel relaxing when you enter your home after a tiring day at work. Modern tiles design for living room by AGL Tiles includes wood-looking tiles, reclaimed wood, marble-look tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, and much more. 

Whereas porcelain, ceramic, marble-look, terrazzo tiles, etc., are best as floor tiles for living room, wood-looking tiles, reclaimed wood, and such decorative tiles work best as wall tiles design for living room.

Moreover, our 1000*1000mm, 800*800mm & 1200*200mm tiles are the most preferred tiles for the living room, and 300*600 & 300*450mm are the most in-demand drawing-room wall tiles design

If your room is spacious, opt for large tiles and if your room is compact, opt for medium size tiles; it will make your room feel spacious and well-proportioned.

Explore the wide range of floor & wall tiles for the living room by AGL Tiles.

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