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The exquisite range of Wall tiles by AGL brings the glow to your walls. These days tiles can be installed everywhere, not just the floor. The versatility of tiles has made wall tiles a popular option among homeowners. AGL Tiles brings some of the finest collection of wall tile designs in India. These wall tiles are made using the best-ever technology under the supervision of industry experts.

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Wall Tiles manufacturer in India

AGL – the leading manufacturer of Wall Tiles in India, offers a premium range of the latest wall tiles. The innovative technology allows AGL to bring extraordinary designs to life through digital wall tiles. Moreover, the unique wall tiles are crafted aesthetically to be suitable for the interiors and exteriors. These tiles have high strength and durability to last for years.

Premium Wall Tiles Designs

The elaborative range of wall tile designs gives a premium look to your walls. These wall tile designs are available in numerous styles. The wide range of wall tile finishes goes above and beyond by offering multiple finishes - such as glossy wall tiles, matt wall tiles, silky finish, raindrop finish and more. Our carefully curated wall tile designs seamlessly blend into your living space. This will breathe a new life into the place, truly transforming it.

Wall Tiles - Types and Applications

Wall tiles act as both decorative and functional elements for your space. By offering a diverse range of designs, ranging from basic square tiles to mosaic patterns. Since these wall tiles are manufactured using the most durable materials, it makes them suitable for a variety of applications.

They are perfect for kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, and many other places. A few of the trending wall tile types are as follows:

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom wall tiles by AGL offer style, durability, and moisture resistance. They enhance aesthetics, protect walls from water damage, and allow for endless design possibilities, making bathrooms both functional and beautiful.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen wall tiles are a practical and stylish choice for backsplashes. They protect walls from stains and add aesthetic appeal, enhancing the kitchen's overall design with a variety of colours and textures.

Digital Wall Tiles

Digital wall tiles are ceramic tiles by AGL with high-resolution designs. They offer endless decorative possibilities, durability, and easy maintenance for kitchens, bathrooms, and interior spaces, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.

HD Polish Porcelain Wall Tiles

HD Polish Porcelain Wall Tiles offer elegance and durability. With a high-definition polished finish, they enhance interior spaces, providing a sleek, timeless aesthetic for any room.

Various Available Wall Tile Sizes

AGL Tiles offers a diverse selection of wall tiles, available in sizes ranging from 300 x 300 mm to 600 x 1200 mm. With a wide range of dimensions, customers can choose the perfect fit for their spaces. Ensuring their customized design ideas are possible, be it any residential or commercial project.

Wall Tile Prices in India

Wall tile prices in India may differ depending on brand, material, size, design, and a variety of other reasons. Go for reputable brands like AGL Tiles for assured quality. While the initial expense may be higher, the long-term value wall tiles bring to your space justifies the investment.

REAL-TIME 360° Wall Tile Visualizer by AGL

Selecting the right wall tiles for your kitchen and bathroom can be a daunting task. Especially when you are unable to visualize these wall tiles in your space. It's time to check out the 360° Tile Visualizer by AGL Tiles. This innovative technology allows you to select the desired room and lets you arrange the selected wall tiles as per your wish. Create and visualize your bespoke spaces with Aura 360°!

AGL is also an industry leader when it comes to offering the best range of possible floor tiles!

FAQs About Wall Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular choices for wall surfaces due to their durability, and easy maintenance. Along with their aesthetic appeal in various interior designs.

Wall tiles can be a stylish choice for living rooms, offering durability and easy maintenance. However, they may not suit all design preferences, consider your decor and lifestyle before buying them.

The right wall tiles depend on your design theme, space and the area of installation. AGL Tiles has a variety of sizes when it comes to wall tiles, from the biggest 600 x 1200 mm to the smallest 300 x 300 mm.

Yes, wall tiles are typically waterproof, as they are designed to resist moisture and prevent water from seeping through to the underlying wall surface.

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