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The Perfect Choice for Your Bathroom

The exclusive collection of beautiful and modern bathroom tiles adds an element of lavishness to your space. It's time to give your bathrooms a vibrant makeover with the help of these bathroom wall tiles. The right choice of bathroom tile design is all you need to create a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Bathroom tiles by AGL are available in numerous designs, styles, colours, and finishes. Check out the collection! 

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Bathroom Tiles Design

Elegantly designed bathrooms can create a visual appeal and a relaxing environment for you to enjoy after a long day. Adding the wall tiles to your bathroom is the best way to remodel it. You can experiment with the array of bathroom tiles designed by AGL to fit the ones that define your personality. These tiles add the wow factor to the bathroom, impressing visitors every time. 

AGL Tiles offers multiple varieties of size, colour and finish such as matt and glossy wall tiles. Homeowners can pair up these bathroom tiles with a sanitaryware collection of AGL to further harmonize the area.

The bathroom is always prone to moisture and grime. So go for bathroom tiles that can withstand it and are easy to maintain.

AGL AURA: 360° Bathroom Tiles Visualizer

Simply looking at the wide range of bathroom tiles design by AGL is not enough to make the right choice. Visualise these bathroom wall tiles using the AGL Tiles 360° Tile Visualizer and dive into the realistic wall tiles ambience. Just pick the desired bathroom layout among the many and arrange your selected wall tiles. This will make it effortless for homeowners to envision the finest bathroom tile designs!

Explore the vitrified tiles collection for a durable and stylish flooring option. Consider the extensive range of sanitaryware by AGL Tiles to create a perfect bathroom oasis!


Porcelain or ceramic tiles are best for bathroom walls. They are water-resistant, durable, and come in various styles and colours. Choose bathroom tiles with a low absorption rate for optimal moisture resistance.

Light-coloured, glossy bathroom tiles like white or pastel shades can make a small bathroom appear more spacious and brighter. Subway tiles or small mosaic tiles are popular choices for adding a stylish and open feel to a small bathroom.

Overall, matt tiles are the best choice for bathrooms. Because they are slip-resistant and hide water spots and smudges. The non-reflective finish is ideal for maintaining a clean and safe bathroom environment. However, one can install glossy finish wall tiles in the bathroom.

Light colours like pale blue, and soft green, or neutral tones such as white and beige are ideal for as bathroom tiles. They create a clean, spacious feel and complement various decor styles while providing a soothing atmosphere.

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