Cistern-Flush Tank

The upper section of a toilet is the water cistern, which is a tiny tank that stores water for flushing. Cisterns in toilets also retain the necessary amount of water to allow the toilet bowl to be flushed. Close-coupled toilets, for example, have the cistern installed directly in the toilet bowl, with no pipes in between. A lever or push-button flush is used in this type of toilet and is usually linked to the cistern.

Ceramic cisterns are containers constructed of ceramic materials that retain water for flushing. If you want to use a single or double flush, you will need to pull the handle flush after the water has filled up to the top. Cisterns of this sort are common in bathrooms and are a popular purchase. There is a key decision to be made when remodelling or building a new bathroom, and it has to do with the type of toilet cisterns required. Cisterns must match toilet suites since wall-mounted toilets require concealed cisterns. If you are looking for a water-saving alternative, you should pick a dual flush system that may save a lot of water.

AGL Cistern

Modern bathroom designs incorporate perfect light, functionality and minimalist décor. AGL Bathware has a varied collection of cisterns that save valuable space as well as provide further valuable possibilities for the modern bathroom renovator. Live the luxury and clean aesthetics of the AGL cistern toilet. Residential and business sectors alike have a high demand for this sort of water cistern.

AGL, a comprehensive bathroom solutions manufacturer, offers a design revolution – excellently designed, high-quality flush plates or cistern tanks – in order to provide you with the finest and most sophisticated bath solutions. 

The latest and most advanced type of cistern water system is the concealed water cistern. AGL Concealed Cisterns are available in a variety of styles and colours to suit any bathroom decor. They are also equipped with exceptional features such as water-saving, simple access maintenance, and anti-condensation, so your bathrooms will always appear large, clean, and sanitary.

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