The pros & cons of Matt tiles & Gloss tiles

Tiles come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, colours, styles, finishes etc. While most of us focus on all the other factors, the key characteristics of tiles are often overlooked. Which is the finish of the floor tiles, be it matt tiles or glossy tiles.

This may seem like an easy decision, but it plays an important role in the overall look and maintenance of your room. Both finishes have different visual effects, so one should know the pros and cons of both tile finishes.

This blog by AGL Tiles will help you select the ideal option between matt tiles and glossy tiles!

Matt Finish Tiles

Matt Finish


Stains are More Stubborn

In case of any spills on the matt finish tiles, they'll not be very easy to clean. Because the matt tiles are not as smooth as glossy tiles, the stains stick to the floor tiles and do not come off easily.

Not a Great Option for Darker Rooms

Matt finish floor tiles are not reflective, so it is not the best option for dark-themed rooms. Especially if the room is tiny and does not have much natural light. These matt finish tiles will usually make the space look much smaller.

Conceals But Does Not Prevent

Matt tiles may conceal the scratches, but it does not prevent them. Moreover, if there are any greasy & oily fingerprints or spills, it will be more profound. So, installing these matt floor tiles in areas prone to scratch and stain is not a good idea at all.


Low Maintenance

Matt tiles are good at hiding scratches & stains, and they do not require regular cleaning. Because of the low maintenance, matt tiles are the best option for busy places. Matt floor tiles are a great tiling alternative for homeowners looking for easy-to-upkeep material.

Natural Rustic Finish

With all its unfinished and natural finish, matt tiles are best for the rustic theme of the house. And if you enjoy the contemporary look, you might find the look of the matt floor tiles a little rustic. This look can add an element of interest to your space.

Non-Slippery Tiles

Matt tiles are non-slippery as a result they have better friction than glossy floor tiles. This makes them an ideal option for the bathroom and other moisture-prone areas.

Matt finish tiles for floor are also ideal if you have kids, elderly individuals and even pets. These anti-skid floor tiles will prevent any slips and mishaps from happening.

Glossy Finish Tiles

Gloss Finish


Highlights Imperfections

Glossy finish tiles often highlight the imperfections greater than any other materials. Even the tiniest smudge, scratch, stain, or fingerprint will be visible to the naked eye. This means that the glossy finish tiles require frequent cleaning or else the stains will get worse over time. It will only make it difficult to clean them off.

They are Slippery

The mirror-like finish of glossy tiles is not suitable for kids, pets, or senior citizens at all. Glossy floor tiles are definitely not the best option for bathrooms and wet areas. Because they end up becoming even more slippery when they are wet. So, do not consider installing these tiles in moisture-prone areas of your house. Instead consider using them as wall tiles, at any comer of your house, including the kitchen and bathroom.

Reflection can be Blinding

Some people just do not like the blinding reflection of the glossy tiles, or the tiles are simply not suitable for the particular room and design. The bright and reflective characteristic of the glossy tiles is not fitting if you are looking for a serene and soothing atmosphere.


Easy to Clean

The slippery nature of the gloss tiles makes it easy to clean the stains. The glossy floor tiles will be cleaned off with just one swipe making it extremely easy for you to maintain cleanliness.

Best Option for Walls

The glossy wall tiles are slippery, making it one of the best options for bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes. These glossy bathroom wall tiles fit in perfectly within the bathroom. In the same way, they can be used as kitchen wall tiles, being durable and easy to maintain. The wall tiles by AGL also have quite a range of designs, from quirky to sophisticated.

Makes the Room Seem Bigger & Brighter

The reflective nature of the glossy tiles makes the room seem bigger and brighter. It is the best option for smaller spaces and for rooms that do not have much natural light. For homeowners with small spaces, consider installing glossy floor tiles and wall tiles.

So, which one is Better?

Both tile finishes have their pros and cons, so it totally relies on your personal preferences. It depends on the theme you are going for, the size, texture, colour, and the lighting of the space. You can also mix both tiles and create a fusion effect. It ultimately is your call to select the one that suits your space the most.

Hopefully, this blog has helped you select the ideal tile finish for your home. Visiting AGL's display centre will help you take a look at both glossy tiles and matt tiles in person to make a better decision.

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Both of these tile finishes have their own pros and cons. Glossy tile finish and matt finish work the best in their individual setting. Consider your requirements and preferences before making the choice.

Glossy tiles are commonly used in areas like the kitchen, living room, and dining room, where a polished and reflective look is desired. They are also popular for accent walls and decorative areas. They can be installed as both floor tiles and wall tiles.

Matte tiles are often installed as bathroom tiles, outdoor tiles and mostly floor tiles. They are desired where slip resistance is a quality of importance.

Yes, you can mix glossy tiles and matte tiles to create interesting patterns and designs. This combination can add depth and contrast to a room's overall appearance.