Buying Guide for Kitchen Countertops

'Kitchens are made for bringing families together.' So make it extra special.

When you are renovating your house, you should make sure that it is classic and trendy at the same time. Every nook & cranny has to be thought upon and perfect. And the most prominent room in the house- Kitchen has to be the best. Kitchens are the centrepiece of our house and are as busy and cheerful as our life. 

When you are designing your kitchen, you should think of everything in advance- storage, cabinets, colour scheme, lighting, placements, etc., and the most important thing about the kitchen- Countertops. Everything revolves around the kitchen countertops because they are the centrepiece of the kitchen as the kitchen is of our lovely home. 

Here we have mentioned five things you should consider before buying to select the best kitchen countertops:

1- Budget:

The first & foremost thing you need to consider before buying countertops is the budget. You must work within your budget. It might not be the most fun part, but it is definitely the most important part. 

When estimating, you need to consider material cost, delivery fee, installation expense, and whether you want any custom details or not, and if you do, what will it cost. Mostly the price is based on the material and its thickness.

2- Height:

The most common doubt people have when renovating the kitchen is what the standard counter height is. The standard counter height is 36 inches from the floor, which is around 3 feet. It can go as high as 42 inches. But you should consider what is best for you. 

The countertops should be a few inches above your waist ideally. If the height is not perfect, it can hurt you and your kids. Examine your pros & cons, and then decide the height of the counter.

3- Material:

In today's market, there are many different types of countertops available, be it a natural stone like marble countertops or engineered stones like quartz. Countertops are now just not limited to marble & granite countertops, now we have more affordable Marble engineered stones options that offer more patterns with beautiful veins, colour combinations, and thickness. 

The most common kitchen countertops are marble, granite, quartz, slate, limestone, and soapstone countertops. So, select what is best for you.

4- Edging:

You might overlook the edging factor while selecting the countertops, but it is an aesthetic factor of your countertops. You can either go for the waterfall edge, ogee edge, bullnose edge, bevel, or any other it depends on your preference and the design of your kitchen. 

Edging is also important from the safety POV as the sharp edges can hurt you if you are not cautious. 

5- Practicality:

When you are selecting a countertop for your kitchen, make sure you consider the practicality of the material as well. Do you coo often?? Do your kids spill orange juice or smear jam all over the counters?? Do you throw lots of parties??

Ask yourself these questions and then select the counter based on its maintenance, durability, and stain-resistance. Because if you choose a countertop solely based on the looks, they might be trashed & you would have to buy another one or live with that.

Keep these things in mind while purchasing countertops and also do your research. The perfect countertop is waiting for out there at AGL

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