Ideas to Create Modern Minimalist Bathroom

Who does not like a timeless, warm Minimalist bathroom?? Everyone dreams of a clean, sleek, simple, and modern minimalist bathroom that you might see in movies. And so it is no wonder that minimalist bathrooms are trending. 

Nowadays, people are leaning more towards living a minimalist lifestyle. You must have heard of people living in tiny houses or backpacking. All these people believe in living a minimal lifestyle. And when it comes to minimalizing the house, we would suggest starting from small, let's say with bathroom maybe?? We believe that a minimalist home is awfully intentional as each & every possession is there for a reason.

So, here we have listed down a few minimalist bathroom ideas that will guide you to design your own minimalist simple bathroom.


Designing a minimalist bathroom starts with the colour palette. Go for neutral colours like white, grey, beige, or any other pastel colour. People who like minimal bathroom mostly goes for white colour overall, and we agree that it gives you a luxurious feel.

A neutral palette will give your bathroom an illusion of a more polished and sophisticated touch. It will also make your room a bright, welcoming, and clean space, which will help you relax after a tiresome day. Also, make sure that your bathroom has as much natural lighting as possible. 

2- Focus on Fittings & Fixture:

Even though you choose to have the basic neutral tones in your bathroom, you can make a statement by adding eccentric and bold fittings & fixtures. You don't have to add unnecessary items to make a bold statement.

Here are a few tips that will you to choose a perfect contrast:

  • If your bathroom is striking white, you can add colour to it by adding either black faucets or golden faucets, or rose-gold faucets rather than adding simple silver ones.
  • Now add a sleek basin and commode that has similar characteristics. Don't select basin with sharp edges and then commode with round edges- make sure that they both complement each other.
  • To add some character to your bathroom, choose bathroom countertops with beautiful veins and patterns. It is a subtle way to add a different style to the room. 

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3- Make it Clutter-Free:

Well, we do not have to tell you that a minimalist bathroom has to be clutter-free. Clutter is the worst nightmare of a minimalist person, and so you must clear out all the disposable things. You don't need as much storage as you think you might need. 

We can only say that 'Add what is necessary and eliminate what is disposable.' You can always buy it when you need a certain thing. So when you are adding bathroom furniture, just remember that.

4- Ensure Functionality & Accessibility:

If you are opting for a minimalist bathroom, every single thing in it should be chosen based on its functionality & accessibility. In a minimalist style bathroom, there is no room for things that do not serve a purpose.

You cannot select things just to add appeal- you have to select things that serves both purposes.

5- Go for Simple Accents & Decors:

Along with the bold fixtures, you can add simple yet eye-catching decor. Like you can add:

  • Open wooden shelves
  • Indoor Plants
  • Frameless Mirror
  • Transparent Mason Jars

But, make sure that anything you bring in your bathroom should serve a purpose. 

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