Vastu Tips for Bedroom- How To Make Your Bedroom Vastu Compliant

Vastu Shastra is a philosophy centred on the movement of cosmic energy, or prana, across a place. Vastu Shastra is a set of ideas and concepts that, when applied to a place's design or architecture, are said to improve the place's energies, consequently favourably improving an individual's life. The practise also aids in living in harmony with nature's five elements: earth, water, air, fire, and space.

The most active room in the house is the bedroom. It's a location where you may unwind, sleep for hours, rest your body, watch TV, and spend some time alone. People love to decorate their homes according to their preferences, especially as fashion and design become more prevalent across the world. Many people who are unable to design their homes choose to create and organise their bedrooms according to their tastes and preferences. Houses in the past were large and open, with verandahs and halls. People, however, have evolved to appreciate building tiny, tidy houses with limited rooms and attractive settings.

We've compiled a list of Vastu tips for a bedroom that will help you transform your space into a chamber of prosperity when it's aligned, according to Vastu.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom- Direction of Bedroom

Because it is connected with good health, longevity, and prosperity, the master bedroom should be located in the southwest corner of the house. The guest bedroom or your children's bedroom might benefit from a northwest orientation. Bedrooms in the southeast or northeast corners should be avoided at all costs since they might cause health problems and domestic conflict.

Never put your bedroom in the centre of the home since this is the 'Brahmasthan,' or energy source. The centre has a continual vibrating force, which is incompatible with the bedroom's primary role of rest. According to Vastu tips for bedrooms for married couples, the wife should sleep on her husband's left side for a peaceful relationship.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom- Bed Placement

The bed should be placed in the bedroom's southwest side. Make sure your head is in the south or east when you're sleeping. This is how your body absorbs positive energy. According to Vastu tips for the bedroom, sleeping with your head in the north is a no-no. It is suggested that the bed be built of wood and formed in either a square or rectangular shape.

Avoid putting the bed precisely beneath a beam. If you really can't help yourself, a fake ceiling for the bedroom is a terrific choice. Make sure the bed isn't too near to the walls; it needs to be accessible from both sides. Avoid putting your bed in the corner of the room, since this will make it difficult for positive energy to flow freely.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom- Mirror Position

In the bedroom, mirrors should not face the bed. According to Vastu tips for bedroom mirrors, having a mirror of your sleeping self is not deemed fortunate. Mirrors look well on the northern or eastern walls. Is there a mirror on your nightstand? Place the dresser adjacent to the bed instead of facing it.

Mirrors are designed to reflect energy back into the area, triggering uneasiness and restlessness. You may just wrap a towel over the mirror facing your bed to prevent it from reflecting on you and your bed. 

Vastu Tips for Bedroom- Flooring

The relevance of the house's floor tiles cannot be overstated. For Vastu, pale yellow or white marble tiles are recommended. If you don't want to use marble, yellow-red ochre ceramic, porcelain, and natural wooden planks are also good options. The stone tiles are good in the summer, but they are damaged in the winter and after rain. In the same way, tiles should be laid with care.

Do not use damaged tiles. Cracked tiles in a bedroom, kitchen or any other part of your house should be fixed as soon as possible since Vastu shastra does not regard broken tiles. If you ask us, we'll suggest you go for GLACIER WHITE-600 X 1200 MM tile by AGL; the classic white with beautiful veins makes these tiles a great choice for your bedroom. 


Vastu Tips for Bedroom- Paint Colours

Colours affect our emotions, health, and happiness in addition to brightening our reality. Light rose, grey, blue, chocolate, green, and other light and cheerful tones are the best choices for the bedroom. Keep dark colours to a minimum. According to Vastu tips for bedroom colour, a newlywed couple's bedroom should be decorated in colours like pink, soft blue, or relaxing yellow. Add a tiny tint of red since it symbolises passion but avoid overdoing it because it symbolises fire and can lead to temperament difficulties.

Green (which indicates growth) or yellow might be used in the children's bedroom (for happiness and aiding studies). In general, avoid using too many colours because they might cause confusion and disruption.