How to Decorate a Room with Brown Tiles? Brown Tiles Colour Combination

When you use a faux painting method to replicate texture on the wall, tile provides a tactile richness to a room. Consider the size of the area and its use (family room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom), the amount of tile in the room, the colours of surrounding rooms and spaces, as well as your own tastes and decorating style when choosing a wall colour.

Brown has a reputation for being dull and uninteresting. However, this is far from the truth; there is a warming tendency among neutrals. Greys are giving way to mid-tone browns, which are just as adaptable and provide the warmth we need. This year, we're honouring the colour brown as a soothing backdrop that can be used with practically any shade.

Which brown is best for your walls is primarily determined by how you want the room to feel? Do you want it to have a light and airy vibe? Then go a little lighter on the brown tiles. Do you want it to have a warm, welcoming atmosphere? Make it darker. Deep browns are rich, engulfing, and dramatic, and they are warmer than black or charcoal grey. In any case, plan on using a variety of browns with similar temperatures but various tones to decorate. Here are some of AGL's favourite colour combinations with brown tiles. You can buy tiles online from AGL

Brown Tiles Colour Combination

Brown and White Tiles Colour Combination:

Brown's earthy tones are usually accentuated when contrasted with pristine white. In this bathroom, the FILLETO BROWN tiles blend well with the white walls, and the two work together to provide drama. The bathroom would be extremely gloomy without the white wall treatment. Against the pristine white tile floor, the white wall and the vanity become focal points.

Brown and White Tiles Colour Combination

Brown, Cream, Red Colour Combination:

Pair brown with an equal-intensity orange or red to bring out the copper in the African Stone Brown tile. The crisp white ceiling in this formal living room contrasts with the deep dark-brown floors. A warm white build-in, wall, faux beams, and upholstery assist to balance off the dark brown tile flooring. The built-ins and furniture are energised by a red accent wall and small pops of bright red here and there.

Brown, Cream, Red Colour Combination

Brown and Beige Colour Combination:

Beige highlights the richness of Opulence Limker Brown DK brown tiles for a well-balanced combination. When it comes to matching colours, the texture is crucial. If you only use one colour and don't mix it up with different textures, the room will appear flat. A shag rug, bamboo shades, and wood furniture keep this family room from being boring.

Brown and Beige Colour Combination

Brown and Grey Colour Combination:

Who says grey and brown can't get along? To make the colour palette coherent, use grey or black with warm undertones. A grey sofa and Monte Brown tile accent walls and floors warm up a black built-in, marble coffee table and blue throw cushions in this family room. 

Brown and Grey Colour Combination

Brown and Blue Colour Combination:

Because the cool tones in blues blend with the warmer tones found in wood furniture, brown and blue were designed for each other. This calming bedroom's use of vivid Opulence Montage Brown Decor tiles on the walls, a blue accent wall, cushions, and drapes give a modern flair to traditional furnishings. 

Brown and Blue Colour Combination

Brown and Pastel Colour Combination:

The hints of green and pink add soothing colours to a sitting area, but a sufficient amount of brown will ground the pastels and provide sophistication. When dark brown flooring is present, pale pastels never seem childlike. Brown upholstery and a wood coffee table anchor a soft beige sofa and Glimmer Brown walls in this living room. 

Brown and Pastel Colour Combination

Different Shades of Brown Colour Combination:

A pleasant living area is created by carefully layering latte linens and mahogany furniture against Sierra Brown walls. A timeless interior covered with a traditional rug, framed paintings, and patterned fabrics is brightened by white and natural light. 

Different Shades of Brown Colour Combination


What wall colour goes with the dark brown tile?

Kitchens with dark flooring may be quite stylish. Balance the dark flooring with white cabinetry and walls, warm bronze metals, and wood accents that are a few shades lighter than the floors to keep the overall appearance beautiful and light, white with a bright tint. Here, silver was chosen, but any bright colour would work. 

What wall colour goes with the light brown tile?

The area's colour palette is unified by painting the walls the same colour as the neutral tiles; however, this may be too boring. Nevertheless, neutral shades, such as light brown, go well with almost any colour, creating the most effective contrast combinations. Tones of white paired with light brown provide a sense of cleanliness and efficiency in the area.