Colour Tiles

Colour Tiles- Keeping it Appealing & Alluring

The use of colour is critical in interior design. Why not go for a tile with a variety of colours? A wonderful way to add dimension and richness to any room.

Traditional white and beige ceramic tiles used in house interiors are a thing of the past. Color, texture, pattern, and finish, all of which can be found in materials like ceramic, porcelain, and glass, have recently played an important part in the selection of home tiles. Colour not only gives this private area personality and brightness, but it also enhances the design as a whole. If you're mixing two or more tile colours, you must find the correct balance, or you can simply select multicolour tiles. 

There's no reason to limit yourself to just one colour when you may have a variety. Our multi-colour tiles for floor & walls are available in a variety of patterns and are a great way to add some colour to your house. Design your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or bedroom with a multi-coloured backsplash or tiled feature wall. Colourful tiles will brighten up kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways, and they can be framed with different borders, such as wood-look tiles.

Colour Tiles- AGL

Use our collection of multi-coloured tiles to make your interiors more interesting. If you're redecorating a bathroom, kitchen, or living room, why not use multi-coloured floor tiles colour to bring the walls and floors to life? When it comes to patterned or textured designs, we at AGL have a wide variety to pick from, including many distinct shades of the same colour and patchworks of efflorescent and geometric patterns. 

Additionally, our mixed-toned tiles colour selection is rather impressive. Make a colourful accent wall or a bold statement floor to give your space personality. You can find every type of colour tile at AGL, including kitchen tiles colour, roof tile colours, wooden colour tiles, etc.

Browse through the wide selection of our colour tiles. To check out the colour tiles price visit our showroom or call us on 91-79-66125500. 

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