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Finest Gym Flooring Options for Your Home Gym by AGL!


Finest Gym Flooring Options for Your Home Gym by AGL!

The gym is one of the most functional and practical spaces. Since the pandemic people have decided to build an in-house gym so they can exercise and stay fit hassle-free. Apart from being spacious and full of exercise equipment in-house gym requires durable flooring. You might think that gym flooring is not the most vital thing you should worry about when it comes to a home gym. You'd be wrong because gym floorings are meant to offer us maximum comfort, reduce the chances of injury and prevent you from slipping or falling.

So, if you've decided to build a home gym then here are some friendly gym flooring options by one of the best tile manufacturers, AGL tiles that you must consider.!

Gym Flooring Options

Tile Flooring

Tiles might be a surprising gym flooring option but it is one of the most suitable options out there. If you go for tiles you will get an endless range of colours, finish, design, pattern and materials too. Tiles can be an excellent choice for gym flooring as they will be extremely sturdy because it is suitable for heavy machines of cardio, treadmill, cross trainers and more. AGL's Polished Vitrified tile collection is resistant to scratches and safe too. The extended use of weights such as dumbells can weaken the tiles and may break or crack them too. For this purpose, you can opt for rubber flooring in a particular area for dumbles.

If you decide to include a bathroom and locker room too then also tiles are the perfect option as they are extremely resistant to water and moisture. Tile flooring is also easier to clean.

Grestek Marvel

Gym flooring surely needs to be robust but who said it can't be luxurious and appealing at the same time? A gym does not have to look damp and boring, sometimes a little bit of beauty is you need to breathe life into your space. The Grestek Marvel range by AGL can help you with it. These exquisite tiles are available in numerous sizes, colours, designs and in both matt & glossy finishes. Grestek also covers all the requirements for gym flooring material.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber is the most prevalent type of flooring used in commercial gyms. There is a reason why this is the most popular type of flooring. It is durable, strong, and thick, making it an excellent choice for gym floors. Rubber flooring can withstand heavy rollovers of dumbbells and other gym equipment and can assist reduce noise in a gym. Rubber is available in tiles and mats for smaller areas, as well as rolls for larger areas. They are also available in a variety of thicknesses to suit your needs and budget. Rubber flooring is quite easy to install and affordable too.

Carpet Flooring

Carpet is yet again a commonly utilized gym flooring option. Surprisingly, it can be found as flooring in homes too. Carpets can certainly serve as gym flooring in the case of a home gym. Its softness is beneficial to the joints, it is simple to maintain, and it is multifunctional. Although these carpets cannot compete with the versatility of a rubber floor, they provide decent stability for cardio activities as well as reasonable resistance for yoga and pilates. The best thing about these carpets is that it blends smoothly with the rest of the space and won't stick out like a sore thumb.

Anti-bacterial Tiles

A gym is a place where we sweat a lot and due to this, the floor can become a place for bacteria to thrive. This increases the risk of getting ill and catching some sort of sickness which is not desirable at all. Gym flooring regularly requires cleaning and sanitizing to eliminate such risks. AGL offers a range of elegant anti-bacterial tiles that you can use for gym flooring. These tiles create a safe and hygienic environment. Apart from being anti-bacterial, these tiles possess no harmful effect on the human body and are anti-skid, stain-resistant, eco-friendly and abrasion resistant.

And now the choice is yours. Go for a flooring option that reflects your personality while fulfilling the functionality of gym flooring. An ideal flooring material will be both durable and attractive. And AGL tiles have a ton of options for you!


You can clean your home gym flooring as frequently as you see fit. Clean any dirt or other stains from the flooring surface as soon as possible.

The answer totally depends on your personal preference and requirement. Although, rubber flooring and tiles are good ones.

Yes, anti-bacterial tiles by AGL are also eco-friendly.

Tiles, anti-bacterial tiles, rubber flooring, carpet, foam etc are excellent gym flooring options.


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