5 Safest Bathroom Flooring Options for Senior Adults by AGL

We love our grandparents who are old now. With growing age, their physical capabilities decline and they are more prone to falls and slips in the house while moving around. Sadly, these misfortunes can cause serious harm to their health. So, as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to create a house that is safe enough for them to move around without any fear or anxiety. The bathroom is yet another place where people tend to slip and hurt themselves since the bathroom flooring gets wet. To help you eliminate such risks AGL tiles presents the safest bathroom flooring options!

Safe Bathroom Flooring Options

Matte Finish Tiles

While selecting a suitable bathroom tile one should not overlook the finish it comes in. Because the finish is not just for the appearance as it holds important functionality too. Those bathroom flooring tiles will be exposed to water most of the time. The glossy finish tiles are visually appealing and are resistant to water. Despite this, they are not the desirable option for bathroom flooring. Because they are glossy and water on them will make the surface super slippery. A better use of glossy tiles is bathroom wall tiles. Instead, one should go for matte finish tiles for bathroom flooring. Matte bathroom tiles are non-slippery which makes them a great option for bathroom flooring. It is not only safe for senior citizens but kids too.

Ceramic or Porcelain

Tiles are the most preferred bathroom flooring option as they are easier to maintain and not so expensive. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the best tile options for bathroom flooring. Both of them are durable, resistant to water, and easy to install. Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in an array of designs, colours and patterns. If you get confused between both of them then go for porcelain tiles as they are better suited for bathroom flooring. Porcelain tiles are more durable and absorb less water. You can explore AGL's tile collection which offers a ton of options to choose from.

Simple Designs

The elderly were minimalistic even before we hopped onto the minimal lifestyle. They always prefer simplicity over other stuff including their food and overall lifestyle. The younger generation surely loves a lot of colours, patterns and bright designs. But this is not the case with senior citizens. They love a serene atmosphere be it their bedroom or bathroom. People with degenerative diseases find it tough to live in a radiant environment as their brain doesn't function properly. To avoid such panic, and uncomfortable vibes it is best to choose muted colour tones and simple designs. A solid-coloured bathroom tile will enhance visibility and will make it easier for them to move safely on their own.

Natural Stones

Natural stone is another excellent bathroom flooring option. There are numerous natural stone selections available, ranging from granite to marble and quartz. Natural stone has many of the benefits of ceramic and porcelain tile. The stone is available in tiles, planks, and even mosaics, and it is resistant to wear & tear, is waterproof, and comes in a range of naturally occurring colours and patterns.

Natural stones are not easy to install and will require a professional's help. So, doing it yourself is not an option. It may also necessitate more frequent maintenance than other alternatives. Since some stone products require periodic applications of sealant to maintain the stone finish and prevent dirt and debris penetration or moisture absorption. If you decide to go for natural stone as the bathroom flooring then be prepared to increase your budget. Because natural stone is obtained from nature and thus costs more than any other material. But an impeccable bathroom flooring look is guaranteed.


Cannot afford expensive natural stones such as marble for your bathroom flooring? But still, desire a luxurious appearance? Then, AGL tiles have the perfect option for you, MarbleX. It is an artificial marble produced using the world's greatest technology. Since MrableX is an artificial marble it costs less compared to natural marble while still offering similar looks. Moreover, you get a ton of new designs, colours, patterns, edges and finishes. MarbleX is also known as a master of surfaces, thanks to its ability to fit perfectly on every surface, including the bathroom floor. An appropriate finish of MarbleX will be a safe and beautiful bathroom flooring for the elderly.


The bathroom often gets wet and slippery which increases the risk of slipping and suffering an injury. Especially for old people. Therefore, select a tile that reduces such risks.

Yes, natural stones are resistant to water, wear & tear and fit greatly as bathroom flooring.

AGL tiles have a diverse range of bathroom floorings such as marble, quartz, and ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, MarbleX, and many more.

Tiles these days are available in a lot of different finishes. When it comes to bathroom flooring, a matte finish is the best.