An Expert Guide for Selecting Tiles for Stairs!

Tiles for stairs are essential as it serves numerous functions. Stair tiles not only have to be aesthetically pleasing but durable enough to handle regular foot traffic. Whether a commercial or residential space, stair tiling beautifies it and adds to its functionality.

To help you select the ideal stair tiles, AGL brings forth expert tips. Keeping these tips in mind will ease your purchase of stair tiles!

Tips to Select Stair Tiles

Resistant to Erosion

Stair tiles are like an investment for your property. So, this investment should be of extreme usefulness that can last for several years. Generally, tiles go through a lot of wear and tear. So, the stair tiles should be robust and capable enough to bear regular use. Strong tiles enhance the overall structural integrity of the staircase. Moreover, the tile should be non-slip and extremely resistant to water. If the tiles will be installed outside then make sure they are weatherproof, so they can withstand both cold and hot.

Choose full-body tiles

The stair tiles may endure some damage as time passes. If the chosen tiles are not strong enough there will be visible signs of fading colour. There might also be cracked, chipped portions of some stairs. All of it will dull the look of the stairway as it will appear shabby. To avoid this issue, go for full-body vitrified tiles. As they stay in the best form even after being cracked or chipped. Thus, eliminating that even stair look. Also, the vitrified tiles are tough and possess anti-skid properties. It will reduce the chances of slipping and falling.

Explore Colour Options

While buying tiles for stairs don't overlook the aesthetics. AGL tiles have an array of stair tiles with a multitude of colour, texture, design, and size variations! White, beige, black, and grey are classic colours. But a little bit of creativity is worth trying if you want a different and impactful impression. You can go for the same colour tiles for the entire staircase, this will blend it with the surrounding area. If that is not your style then go for your desired theme and colour to reflect your personality. An essential point to keep in mind while creating the stair makeover is visual continuity. If the stairs are inside your house then connecting the floor, walls, and ceiling with them is the key to making the house look together.

Minimal Maintenance

Stair tiles too should be fairly easy to maintain just like floor and wall tiles. Generally, the staircase is a bit difficult to clean compared to other parts of the house. Since the stairs are extensively used, they are prone to dirt and dust. Regular cleaning will keep them shining every time. But to do so select a tile that is super easy to clean instead of requiring extra effort. A dry or wet sweep should be more than enough to make the stairs spotless. It will save you time, money, and effort.

Hassle-Free Installation

Usually, the installation takes a lot of time and requires extra labour. This may cause you to have a higher budget than you might have decided earlier. So, opt for stair tiles that are easy to install with minimum hassle. Select stair tiles that are of the right size to avoid unnecessary wastage during the installation process.

Most of the time the importance of stair tiles is neglected by us. But it should be noted that a fine selection of stair tiles smoothly uplifts the aesthetics. Not to mention the enhanced functionality and integrity of the staircase. This expert guide by AGL will come in handy when you are confused about selecting the ideal stair tiles.


Full-body tiles are the best option for stairs as they are robust.

Marble is an excellent material for stairs as it offers an impeccable look.

Stair tiles should be anti-skid, water-resistant, and weatherproof. Also, they should be durable enough to sustain years of wear and tear.

The collection of marble, quartz, vitrified tiles, and MarbleX are some of the best options.