Art-up Your Interior with Fresco Tiles by AGL

Most of the well-planned and built properties have that one space which reflects luxury, aesthetics, and comfort at the same time. Likely, everyone has dreamt of that one corner that adds luxury to the house's interior. When it comes to modern spaces and contemporary style, our mosaic, subway and fresco tiles bring every design dream to life. Their aesthetically charming and unique designs breathe life into a place.

To fulfil more such aesthetic interior dreams, AGL has introduced a new range called "Fresco" tiles. These designer tiles are can help you design the best interior of all time. 

In this blog, you will go through 11 different patterns and the idea of using those tiles to decorate your spaces.

Nuances of Internal Grace using Fresco Tiles by AGL

There are 11 different styles available in this range. You can have a look at them and click on them to check out the different colours they are available in. 

Now let us understand how we can utilize these tiles to create a fascinating interior.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Bathroom:

The bathroom interior is as much important as any other part of your house. The bathroom is a space that allows you to relax and vent off the weary you have had in your entire day. The better the ambience of the space the more it allows you to refresh your thoughts and think positively. 

Use Fish Scale Fresco Tile from AGL to create texture and vibrancy in your bathroom. For a better understanding, refer to the image below.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Bathroom

Modernize Your Wardrobe:

An aesthetically pleasing wardrobe will motivate you to dress appropriately even when you are in no mood to dress. A contemporary wardrobe is in style and trend these days, so amp up your interior game and use the fresco tile range by AGL to modernize your bathroom interior.

Lantern-shaped tiles from the fresco collection will give your wardrobe space a fresh look and will inspire you to have a fresh start to your day!

Modernize Your Wardrobe

Quirky Kitchen:

Experimenting with kitchen interiors has never got old. From backsplashes to kitchen counters and the elements you decorate the kitchen with, you can level up your kitchen interior game! 

Use different colours to make the space look lively and fresh. Everyone has their own choice of colours. To cater to this problem we have a variety of colours that you can choose from. Choose what suits best with your overall kitchen interior.

Quirky Kitchen

Swimming Pool Area:

Tonne of hues to choose from, and what else would you want? The Poolside usually has the best views and which is why it's important to make the pool look the best too. Design it with normal hues or get out of the box and use funky colours. Not just that, you could also layer your indoor jacuzzi or bathtub and give yourself a luxury feeling of a swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Area

Contemporary Style Living Room:

Matt Printed tiles can elevate the look of your living room space. Design an elegant wall using fresco matt tiles.

Refer to the image below to understand how these tiles will help you to create an aesthetic interior.

Contemporary Style Living Room

We hope that this unique range of fresco tiles by AGL helped you to art up your interiors. Everything that matters, in the end, is that you put in your creativity and design something that reflects you as a person and goes well with the other interior of the house.


AGL has a collection of mosaic, subway, and fresco tiles that are available in numerous designs and colours to achieve an aesthetic look.

A bathroom is a place where you can easily use Fresco tiles because they will offer a unique texture and look to the space. 

Fresco tiles can be used in multiple areas such as the bathroom, wardrobes, kitchen, living room, and swimming pool area.

Yes, Fresco tiles are available in a dozen of unique shapes such as lanterns, fish scales, brick bone, square, octagons, and hexagons.