Branded Tiles Vs Local Tiles

Building your ideal home needs a lot of hard work, dedication, effort and love. It requires every component necessary to construct a home that merits strength, beauty, and comfort for a hassle-free lifestyle. Anyone building a new house or remodelling an existing one would search for the greatest interiors and exteriors to add a personal touch to the home. There are countless designs, patterns, and colours available in the market, which can be a little overwhelming when picking wall and floor tiles. However, choosing between branded and local tiles is the first thing you need to decide.

AGL is India's leading brand that offers a wide range of tiles in numerous colour options and designs. At AGL, you are sure to find something that goes well with the interior and exterior of your house. If you are looking for some advice on whether to use local tiles or branded tiles, this blog is for you. The following information will help you understand the difference between locally produced tiles and branded tiles.

Difference between Local Tiles & Branded Tiles


The availability of branded tiles in almost every Indian city has been made possible by the extensive network of tile showrooms and dealers. The local tiles, on the other hand, are only found in a small number of cities or towns. Again, because the producers of branded tiles can produce and trade in large quantities of tiles, they are also accessible throughout the year and never go out of stock. On the other side, because local tile producers only make a certain amount of tiles, they can run out of supply at a critical time.


Both regional businesses and well-known manufacturers produce tiles with different levels of uniformity. The finest tile company would always produce high-quality tiles that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This is due to the strict quality control standards and manufacturing capabilities. Additionally, due to a lack of modern production methods, local producers may produce inconsistently flawed tiles.


High-quality production processes, raw materials, etc. are used by the branded manufacturers. Consequently, the tiles produced would be strong and long-lasting. Thus, they would not only have a beautiful finish but also endure for a longer time. Although the local tiles may be less expensive than the branded tiles, they will undoubtedly deteriorate rapidly. One could need to replace the local tiles on a regular basis because they don't always have consistent manufacturing practices or the newest technologies. Again, because they are sturdy, the branded tiles also come with a specific warranty period from the company. 

Consistent Pricing:

Depending on the circumstances and the place of purchase, the costs of the local tiles will undoubtedly change. But given the cost of branded tiles, this is not feasible. The most expensive floor tiles are from well-known manufacturers. The price of the tiles is the same across the nation, regardless of the circumstances or location of the vendor. A further assurance of uniform quality and price is provided by the logo used by branded tile companies, which is not achievable with local tile. 

Availability of Numerous Options:

The branded companies triumph when it comes to the range of designs, prints, and colours. The greatest wall tile manufacturing brands employ cutting-edge technology, such as laser printing and nano-polishing, to produce tiles with outstanding patterns and designs. Once more, a range of materials is used to strengthen the lovely tiles. With the local tile manufacturing enterprises, none of this is feasible. They produce a small range of designs, patterns, and colours because they lack the newest equipment and technologies.

To sum it up... 

Local and branded tiles each have advantages and disadvantages. The local tiles may seem more cost-effective and suitable for people wishing to renovate their homes on a budget, but they may have to sacrifice the quality of the tiles. On the one hand, branded tiles promise you strength and diversity. The branded tiles are strongly advised if you're looking for floor tiles, though, as the floor of your home or place of business needs to be resilient enough to withstand daily annoyances. When it comes to wall tiles, one can choose inexpensive, locally produced tiles that are also simple to maintain. 


Branded tiles are surely better than local ones as they offer better quality, design, and durability to the buyers.

Yes, branded tiles are manufactured by using high-end technology that enhances the product quality by making it robust and durable.

AGL Tiles has been in the Indian tile market for 22 years now and has served millions of customers with its top-end products.

In the market, you can find a lot of different tiles varying in size, shape, colour, quality and material. Tiles offered by AGL last longer than local tiles due to its top-of-the-line manufacturing process.