The perfect tiling guide to a kid’s bedroom!

Vitrified Tiles are the kind of tiles which have a very low porosity. They have gained major popularity over the years and are fast becoming everyone’s first choice. Not just common people but also architects prefer Vitrified Tiles over others. What are their major advantages? Let’s find out!


1.Vitrified Tiles are easy to install.

These tiles are extremely easy to install and take very less time to settle. That makes the process a lot quicker and convenient. Pertaining to their density, they set their base more easily and quickly compared to other tiles. Vitrified Tiles are also light, making the transition from one place to another a lot more uncomplicated. This easy to install characteristic of Vitrified Tiles makes them the first choice among architects.


2. Being man made, their quality is guaranteed.

Vitrified Tiles are man-made tiles, which makes their R&D and testing easier. With continuous testing, these tiles have been altered to improve with every passing day and make the overall quality of your homes a lot better. The floor of a home dictates its image as a whole, thus, making the type of floor that you choose, a very significant decision.


3. Available in multiple colours and patterns.

Vitrified Tiles open a lot of possibilities in terms of designs, colours and patterns. They are also available in various sizes and types such as glazed, digital vitrified and polished. This not only increases the options to choose from but also ensures that there is something or the other definitely available for every use. Are you looking for different designs in vitrified tiles? Click here to find AGL’s vast collection.


4. Low water absorption index.

The one thing that makes Vitrified tiles architect’s first choice is their low water absorption characteristic. Being man-made and thoroughly tested, they are known to be of the best quality available in the market. Also, their low water absorption quality makes them the perfect choice for homes as well as commercial spaces.

Along with architects, AGL has become the first choice for everyone else too! Vitrified Tiles are known to be used for a lot of purposes, considering they are easy to install, low on water absorption and available in multiple patterns and colors. If you are looking for options too, click here to visit our website and discover a whole new range of vitrified and other tiles.