The perfect tiling guide to a kid’s bedroom!

Vitrified Tiles are one of the most popular tiles of AGL. Be it commercial spaces that endure heavy foot traffic or residential projects, if you are looking for quality, they are just the perfect choice. Let’s find out some of their advantages!


1. It is fit to be used for both commercial and residential uses-!

You read that right! Vitrified tiles are perfect to be used for commercial and residential spaces. This is because of their resistance against high traffic along with easy availability. Whether it is for a shopping mall floor or a residential apartment, Vitrified Tiles are everyone’s first choice!


2. These tiles retain the shine for a long time.

Whether it is your home or a commercial space, it is very essential to make sure that the look of the place is maintained and retained for a long time; thus, making vitrified tiles perfect for flooring. These tiles retain their shine for a long time and maintain the look and feel of the space in question.


3. Double Charged Vitrified Tiles are low maintenance!

Apart from being high on quality ground, these tiles are extremely low on maintenance. Apart from the basic ones, they do not require any kind of extra maintenance. These tiles are also very easy to install, thus making the task less time consuming.


4. Less absorption.

Vitrified Tiles are perfect to be installed outdoors considering their low absorption quality. Whether it is rain or even a spill of coffee, these tiles do not absorb substances, thus making them last for a longer period of time.

AGL has multiple options available when it comes to Double Charged Vitrified Tiles. With many colors and patterns that can immediately enhance the look of your house or commercial space, these tiles can be easily installed in shopping malls, libraries, lobbies etc. With our advanced technology, we have created long lasting and visually appealing floor tiles which increases their utility.

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