The perfect tiling guide to a kid’s bedroom!

AGL has multiple types of tiles to its name which can be used for various purposes. Two of our most famous tiles are Marble Tiles and Vitrified Tiles. They differ in many aspects. Some of them are listed below. Let’s find out!


1. Maintenance and cleaning

Marble Tiles are natural stones and tend to get stained more easily than Vitrified Tiles; thus, making the maintenance of the former difficult as compared to the latter. Also, if broken, the Vitrified tiles can be easily replaced considering their thinness, whereas marble may prove to be a hassle.


2. Durability

Vitrified Tiles usually last for a long time without losing their color and polish whereas Marble may turn a little yellowish after a certain period of time. Both of these tiles require maintenance and their lives can be expanded depending upon the usage. They are fit to be used for heavy weight and regular foot traffic.


3. How are they made?

Vitrified Tiles are made with a mixture of clay and other elements. They are not a naturally occurring stone. With a smooth texture, these tiles are not fit for water absorption. On the other hand, Marble is a naturally occurring stone, high on water absorption and widely used in architecture.


4. Which is easier to install?

Vitrified Tiles are usually easier to install. They can be shipped in a proper shape and condition to the place of installation while on the other hand; marble tiles may require a longer period of time. Considering their heavy weight and delicacy, they are also difficult to transport from one place to another.


5. Availability

Both Marble and Vitrified Tiles are easily available all around the country. AGL, which is the biggest manufacturer of Tiles in India has several outlets from which these products can be acquired. Marble, despite being a natural stone is one of the most popular choices amongst people with Vitrified not far behind.


6. Usage

Vitrified Tiles can be used both outside and inside homes or spaces, whereas Marble Tiles are more appropriate for the interior. With multiple usages, both these tiles make the look and feel of your space a lot more appealing, comfortable and convenient.

Both, Marble and Vitrified Tiles are fit to be used for multiple purposes. Your criteria for the selection process must depend on the kind of requirement that you have, the budget you are willing to invest and the purpose that you are buying it for. AGL is known for both these categories, and you can find all the options here.