The perfect tiling guide to a kid’s bedroom!

A sub category of Ceramic Tiles, digital tiles have taken the world by storm ever since they entered the market. Along with exceptional designs, they are also available in the best quality and that too, widely. However, what exactly is a digital tile?


To explain it briefly, Digital Tiles are a kind of Ceramic wall tiles which have a large number of options available in terms of designs. They add a certain visual appeal to your space and at the same time also allow you the freedom to experiment and have a theme of your own.


They have a lot of other advantages too! Let’s find out:


1. Through Digital Printing one can imitate the impression of natural elements such as leaves and stones.

Yes, that’s possible! Depending upon what you need and what you are trying to project, there are a lot of things that can be done through digital tiles. Whether it is creating the impression of leaves, stones or any other natural element there is. Whether you live on the 27th floor of a building or want to give your balcony a natural feel, Digital Tiles are perfect for anywhere and everywhere.


2. It allows you to have a theme of your house based on patterns and not just colours.

The specialty of digital tiles is that along with colours they also allow you to play with patterns. This not only lets you have a particular theme like flowery, natural, wooden or others but also lets you experiment along with it. For people who would rather adorn their walls with something fun and not just plain colour,click here to see options.


3. Low water absorbers.

Digital Tiles are low on water absorption. Usually used as wall tiles, this allows you to use them any place where you suspect a water leakage might cause a problem. So, apart from adding a sense of luxury and beauty, they also add to the quality and comfort of your home.


So, now you know exactly what you need if you are looking for tiles of good quality along with appearance. The process of making these digital tiles is also very interesting and can be altered to make new designs and include new colours. AGL has a huge variety of tiles available in this section. Click here to see our whole collection and choose the best for yourself!