The perfect tiling guide to a kid’s bedroom!

Marble tiles have always been very popular for their visual attractiveness and multiple usages. Whether it is a home or a commercial space, they are fit to be used everywhere. What makes them so useful and popular? Let’s find out!


1. Marble is a very unique material!

Marble is a natural stone and every inch of it is unique in itself. It can be altered slightly but the core of this stone remains the same, or unique in itself. This will give your commercial space a distinguished look and feel.


2. Durability matters!

That’s right! Durability plays a key role in determining what you choose for your commercial space. The material that is used in malls, hospitals, shopping complexes etc. cannot be changed frequently as it leads to hampering of the services that the unit provides. Thus, marble tiles is a great choice for commercial spaces. Looking for options? click here to view our range!


3. It is heat resistant.

Marble, being a natural stone is heat resistant stone and thus helps in keeping the atmosphere cooler. In summer, especially when the temperature is high, houses with marble tiles remain cooler as compared to outdoors. This stone is no less than a natural air conditioner for your space.


4. Marble tiles are also fire resistant.

That’s right! When it’s a huge space that is directly or indirectly related to peoples’ lives, then it is essential to make sure that they are disaster proof in every way possible. This also includes fire resistance. Marble tiles satisfy this criteria. They are also used as raw material during construction of commercial spaces to lessen any damage that might be caused in the case of a fire.


5. Marble adds a sense of grandeur.

Whether it’s a mall or a shopping complex, people look for luxury in context of almost everything. So, when it comes to floor tiles, marble tiles again become the best option.


All in all, Marble tiles are a great choice for commercial spaces. They not only make the look of the space even more exceptional but also add value to it in terms of quality. If you are looking for options in Marble tiles, click here and discover AGL’s magnificent range.