Kitchen floor tiles

There is a lot that you can do with your kitchen in terms of styling and designing. Especially because it is that space where to the home makers spend majority of their time. So, why not design this space to make it even more comfortable and delightful? There are a lot of ways through which this can be achieved. The best way is to personalize it and give it a theme that you like. This can be accomplished by choosing the right kind of tiles.

Here are a few ideas for your kitchen flooring!


1. The Spanish colonial look.

This look is a bright, rustic-chic look. It works the best when you enhance it with the right kind of lighting. Hexagon shaped and terracotta coloured tiles are perfect for this look. Such kitchen floor tiles can be easily availed from AGL Showrooms. The hexagon shaped floor tiles are perfect for a kitchen considering they are easy to install and durable.


2. Contemporary block look.

There is nothing that satisfies more than symmetry. Whether it is square blocks or the rectangular ones, symmetrical tiles are sure to make your space a classic example of perfection. Using large floor tiles will give your space an airy feel. Fixing and the procedure of installing them is also very easy. Kitchens usually have a lot of elements and objects in the same room, making them a little congested. Thus, these kinds of kitchen floor tiles, which are essentially large and symmetrical give them a less congested feel. Click here to see options.


3. The artist look.

Are you one of those who find inspiration in everything as an artist? The one for whom, everything is art, and art, everything. Then AGL’s digital tiles are just what you need. With vivid colours and eccentric patterns, these tiles are sure to make your kitchen flooring look like an artist’s adobe. With these kitchen floor tiles, your kitchen can have a completely new look based merely in the tiles that you chose.


All these looks and ideas can be completely undertaken when all the elements of your space match each other. However, the major influencer in this situation is the tiles that you select. AGL tiles are designed and manufactured in such a way that they satisfy our customers. Thus, making them the perfect choice for those who want to take their kitchen designs a notch above the usual. If you are looking for more options, click here!