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Bathroom is a very personal space. Designing and choosing tiles for it can be quite a task in itself. There’s a balance that needs to be struck when it comes to this part of the house. However, difficult it maybe, but this balance is the very essence of a bathroom. To make a space luxurious and comfortable at the same time, it is essential to make sure that the tiles you choose fit the criteria.


Keeping up with trends will add a charm to your space and here are a few trends from the first half of 2017 for bathroom tiles:


1. Geometry is in!

You might not have enjoyed geometry but they are sure to help you stylize your bathroom. Play around with different shapes and sizes of tiles. These stylization can give your bathroom a trendy and unique look and feel. AGL has multiple shapes available in its array of offerings that can help you to play around with geometry. Find them here:https://www.aglasiangranito.com/


2. Get inspired by nature and get similar bathroom tiles!

Bathroom tiles have always been given a lot of attention, considering that they direct the look and feel of a space. However personal the space maybe, a sweep in of nature never hurts. You can easily acquire AGL’s nature inspired tiles and make your enclosed bathrooms even fresher with our bathroom tiles. You can find some options here:https://www.aglasiangranito.com/


3. Mix and match your bathroom tiles!

There is no written rule in the world which says that you can’t have more than one type of tile in the same bathroom. You can play around with patterns and styles and types of tiles to give your bathroom a completely new and unique look. Marble tiles can be easily used with porcelain tiles. Other combinations can also be made for bathroom tiles. This trend is on its peak right now and you shouldn’t be left behind!


4. Pink never hurts, no matter who you are!

A pink bathroom, no matter how kiddish it may sound actually looks pretty elegant in a bathroom. You can easily pick your own choice of pink shade and style it your own way. Not only having a different shade of bathroom gives it a refreshing look but also personalizes it further to suit your preferences.


All these trends have taken the world by storm and are drastically changing the way bathroom tiles are picked. The nest time you go to pick a tile option, these ideas are sure to come in handy and give your bathroom a completely new look! If you are looking for more options,click here!