Kitchen floor tiles

AGL has always believed in giving and manufacturing the best for its customers. Whether it is a whole new series or simply innovating something that already exists, AGL’s growth lies in their zeal to achieve new milestones in terms of customer satisfaction every day. There are several types of tiles that AGL manufactures. One of them is marble tiles. It is the most extended series of the company in terms of the number of options that are available.


What makes us different from others? Let’s find out!


1. Low porosity

Marble as a natural stone is extremely porous. It has several tiny holes which make it impossible to be used in a house or commercial space. However, AGL’s marble tiles are carefully selected to suit the need of a human interactive infrastructure.


2. Colour consistency.

Natural stone has absolutely no colour consistency. However, the marble tiles manufactured at AGL are treated in such a way that their colour consistency becomes uniform. The design and pattern of the tiles then becomes more attractive.


3. Options in size are easily available.

Marble tiles by AGL can be easily availed from a showroom. There are multiple sizes manufactured so as to satisfy all needs and requirements that our customers might have. These multiple sizes are easily and readily available in all our showrooms and can be easily viewed on the website too. Click here to know more!


4. There are no potholes or cracks in AGL’s marble tiles

Once the tiles with the brand of AGL are installed in your homes, there is a complete assurance from the company in terms of absolute top quality. There are no potholes or cracks in the tiles and once installed, we leave absolutely no stone unturned to make your decision of buying from AGL to go into vain.


5. Installation time

The installation time that is taken for marble tiles manufactured under the name of our brand is extremely less as compared to that of other brands. The process is easy and takes just a very short time.

AGL’s marble series has multiple options available:

European series

Magnum series

Maridian series

Victorian series

Crystal series

Antique series

Empyrean series


So the next time you want to decorate your house with something elegant and make it perfect, AGL’s marble tiles shall come to your rescue! Find more tiles and designs here!