marble tiles

Marble and Quartz stone have the ability and charm that can completely uplift the look and feel of your space. They are elegant, classy and at the same time durable. People usually prefer to have them in their spaces. Apart from all these qualities, marble and Quartz stone are also easy to maintain so that they can last for a longer time.


Here are some tips to make this task easier for you:


1. Avoid using store bought cleaners.

Store bought cleaners contain acidic solution that might harm the marble and Quartz stone and reduce their duration of in use time. Thus, it is advisable to use clear water or a non-acidic solution on marble and Quartz stone. The usage of store bought cleaners might diminish the shine of tiles and also reduce their resistant characteristics.


2. Try using a light cloth or a soft sponge to clean marble and Quartz stone.

Along with warm water, use a cloth or sponge on these tiles. This will not only ensure that the space is getting cleaned perfectly but also make the task easier for you to wind up. Wipe the surface regularly using these two elements and you’ll never have to worry again about maintaining the floor.


3. Clean up spills immediately!

Marble and Quartz stone react more adversely to acidic or mixed solutions than other tile types. Thus, it is important to make sure that as soon as anything is spilled on marble and Quartz stone, it is wiped off using warm water and a cloth. If not, these stains can cause harm to your tiles and the stain might even become permanent.


4. Use coasters and doormats

Things last as long as you want them to. Thus, when you get marble and Quartz stone for your space, make sure that you treat it with the same carefulness as everything else in the room. Use a doormat as much as you can. Plus, you must also use a coaster for countertops. All these little things can make maintaining your marble and Quartz stone easier.


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