The introduction of digital printing technology in ceramic industry has brought some path-breaking innovations in vitrified tiles. Glazed vitrified tiles (GVT) are those having a glazed surface on the top of vitrified tiles that makes it easy to print various patterns on them such as 3D prints, art work, etc. and textures like natural stones, marbles, wood, bamboo, etc.

1. Digital Glazed Vitrified Tiles

Glazed tiles are one of the most-used tiles in India as they have many design and pattern variations. And this is because their printing is done through high-volume ink-jet printers that give detailed high-resolution printing. Digital glazed vitrified tiles can be broadly classified into two types:

1) Polished glazed vitrified tiles

2) Unpolished glazed vitrified tiles

2. Polished glazed vitrified tiles

Polished glazed vitrified tiles are ultra-glossy and available in various styles, thereby making them suitable for interiors. While making, they are passed through an additional heat process wherein a layer of liquid glass is added to the GVT tiles which makes these tiles scratch-resistant and slip-resistant. Because of their non-porous liquid glass coat, these polished vitrified tiles show high stain resistance.

3. Unpolished glazed vitrified tiles

Unpolished glazed vitrified tiles are thicker, denser and more durable that makes them best-suited for the outdoors and heavy footfall areas. Furthermore, they are also a good choice as the bathroom floor tiles as they exhibit excellent slip resistance. Their acceptance has one more reason and that is their beautiful earthen aesthetics.

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