Do you want to update your living space according to modern interior design concepts? Well for this, tile manufacturing companies have come up with a lot of new tile sizes and styles. Large format tiles are one of the latest tile trends this season.

But here are some quick ideas that will add a charm to your old bathroom look:

AGL has Grestek XXL series for large format tiles that are available in larger sizes like 800 X 1200 mm than the normal tiles. Best for floor tiles, large format tiles can also be used as wall tiles. Together with enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your living space, they also add a dramatic effect to the space.

1. Large format tiles uplift the visual appeal

Our Grestek XXL tiles come with a variety of classic prints and textures that create elegant spaces. You can have them installed in your living hall to wow your guests. Or use one of the sleekest large format tile designs in your patio to add a dash of modernity to your abode. For rooms, you may match large format tiles with patterned normal-size tiles.

2. They add a space factor

If you wish to have a spacious look for your homes, go with our Grestek XXL tiles. Apart from conjuring up the overall look and feel, these large format tiles would enhance the spaciousness as well. If you have smaller rooms and you don’t want them to look clutter and clumsy, go with larger tile sizes! The lesser the grout lines are, the cleaner the room would look!

3. They can also be used as wall tiles

Do you think that large format tiles cannot be used for walls, you are wrong! They can also be used as wall tiles in order to enhance the beauty of your homes. With larger tile size, it’s easy to give your living space an uncluttered and clean look. Just make sure that you don’t select the tile size, larger than the floor tiles.

4. Grestek XXL tiles are zero-maintenance

If back inside, you are thinking that these XXL tiles are tough to maintain and that they require extra attention, you are wrong! These large format tiles are designed in a way to infuse some great qualities in them which make them less-maintenance tiles. And of course, lesser grout lines mean lesser cleaning!

Grestek XXL tiles can also be used for heavy-footfall areas, corporate offices, kitchens, countertops and more. So buy them today and enhance the overall look and feel of the space.