Customization, opulence and space have been the must-haves for bathrooms for years but the focus has slightly shifted to relaxation and indulgence. Bathroom décor is something that people strictly wish to make lavish. With artistic sanitary fixtures and beautiful bathroom tiles, it is easy to remodel a bathroom like never before.

But here are some quick ideas that will add a charm to your old bathroom look:

1. Re-grout the bathroom tiles

Grout lines have a major impact on the overall look of a bathroom. Grout lines are one of many things that make your bathroom look old. With time, these lines become moldy and discolored due to moisture. Re-doing the grout around your bathroom wall tiles can be of so much help to add oomph to the appearance. There are many tools that can help you with this. After it’s done, your bathroom will breathe a new life without having to replace the wall tiles or floor tiles.

2. Kick out the old bathroom tiles

This happens many times that one or a few tiles get older than others due to excessive exposure to buckets, etc. Replacing only those tiles with the new ones will make you save a huge on a remodel expense. Also, this will give your bathroom an instant uplift. Apart from this, you can also think out of the box and hide the old tiles. For example, you can place a mirror to hide the deteriorated bathroom tile.

3. Unclutter your bathroom

Unveil the real beauty of your bathroom space by removing the clutter. Remove all the excess accessories such as drawers, shelves, baskets, etc. Keep your bathroom neat and clean. To unclutter the space, we have one more idea for you. Use a minimum variety of patterns for your bathroom tiles as a lot of different tile patterns would make the space look messy.

4. Say bye to outdated fixtures

This is also one more way to give your bathroom an easy and quick makeover. Isn’t it easy to instantly improve your bathroom’s look by swapping out an old faucet for a newer style? Your old bathroom faucets can make the entire space aesthetically dull. Replace all of them!

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