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The beauty of a bathroom doesn’t depend on its size; it depends on how you design it. To give it the most-beautiful makeover, you need to wisely choose the right bathroom tile designs and make combos that look aesthetically appealing. Being one of the most-favored bathroom tile manufacturers in India, AGL holds an immense variety of bathroom wall and floor tiles. Right from classy to chic and shiny to sleek, we have a large variety of bathroom tiles.

Beige belongs to such a color family which can be used anywhere to make that space look elegant- bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and even balconies. If you are also in love with beige shades of bathroom tiles, here are some refreshing décor ideas for an attractive bathroom remodel.

1. Use subtle and classy patterns


If you want to add a touch of classiness to your bathroom, stick to the minimum patterns for the wall tiles. And for bathroom floor tiles, select the sober beige tones with light textures. To enhance the aesthetical appeal, use dark tones for furniture like windows, doors, drawers and even carpets and curtains.

2. Incorporate multiple shades of beige


It is not necessary to stick to only one shade of beige while choosing the bathroom tiles. Multiple tones from a subtle beige color pallet can give you a look that you might have never imagined! Use light brown or plain white tones for faucets and fixtures. For added dimensions, you may also give a thought to darker tones for furniture such as coffee brown or black.

3. Mix beige with other muted tones


Vintage lights, geometric wall tile patterns, an antique sink and contemporary faucets give this bathroom a surprisingly suave look. These beige floor tiles with a tint of wood gives this space a rustic feel. What look can be better than this city-sleek bathroom look?

4. Lay floral bathroom tiles for a feminine touch


How about choosing floral wall tile designs over anything else? If décor supports, it can turn out to something really graceful! Look at this bathroom space décor. It looks elegant even if only one tile pattern is used for all the wall tiles. What plays a key role here is the perfect combination of light and dark tones of same pattern. To even amplify the beauty of it, you should use white faucets- especially the bathtub and sink! Trust us; your guests will put you on the top list of their décor guide considerations.

5. Make it a pattern paradise


However lesser patterns look classier, many interior designers also recommend using different patterns to have a unique appearance. The most important element of this pattern play is picking the combination of right patterns. Otherwise, it looks clutter! Like in this bathroom concept, you can see that multiple bathroom tile patterns are used but it looks polished. Why? Because of the right pattern combination! Keep in mind that you have to install heavy patterned tiles surrounded by the light patterns. Then, you’ll ace it!

6. Use unique beige tile textures


Here also, different tile patterns and textures have been used but it still looks country chic! If you want to add an essence of simplicity and sophistication, try picking up some subtle tile prints and match it with coffee or white tones. In this bathroom concept, light beige shade of bathroom floor tiles has been used but if you use coffee tone for them, then also it would look fabulously fantastic!

Liked this blog post? Then keep reading this space for more such ideas. And in case you want a tile inspiration, explore our entire array ofbathroom tiles< now!