Modern homes are all about keeping it subtle and sleek while maintaining the budget! If you take a look at the current tile trends, you would find that urbane décor ideas are trending more. Double charge tiles are one of the hottest trends as they are ideal for an uncluttered and sleek feel. Using these tiles is a way to perk up the living space.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of ideas to make your living space modern and stylish. Have a look!

1. Double charge tiles are stronger

The upper layer of these tiles are very thick- it is around 30 to 50% of total tile thickness. This thing makes double charge tiles stronger than other tiles such as GVT or PGVT. Moreover, GVT tiles have a glazed layer on them on which the design of 1-2 mm is printed. On other hand, if we talk about double charge tiles, the design is a part of their body and not a print. This is also a reason to call these tiles more durable as well.

2. Double charge tiles are harder

Moh is the unit to measure the hardness of a tile. Moh of double charge tiles is higher than other tiles. Plus, when there is a scratch on the tile body, these tiles behave in a better manner. They are good at hiding the scratches. This is because the design is a part of their body. Other printed tiles are not good at this and scratches are easily seen on them.

3. Double charge tiles are thicker

Vitrified tiles are passed through printing a pattern with a double layer of pigment and it is how double charge tiles are made. And this is exactly why double charge vitrified tiles are thicker than other tile types. This is why they are the best option for floor tiles indoor.

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