Kitchen countertop literally sets the look of your kitchen. Thus it is best to choose a material that scores high not only on its benefits but also matches your lifestyle. Composite quartz is emerging as a popular choice and an affordable alternative to granite for its low-porosity, stain-resistance, stunning appearance and durability.

Harder and less porous than granite, composite quartz does not require periodic polishing or sealing as in the case of marble and also offers excellent stain, heat and bacteria resistance. Together with endless colour choices and stunning appearance, composite Quartz like the AGL Tiles Spectra Series Paloman White 3100 x1400 MM or Black Pearl 3100 x 1400 MM make for an excellent choice for versatile applications including kitchen countertops.

Why Choose Composite Quartz For Your Ultimate Kitchen Countertop

Composite quartz is a manufactured product which gives it wide variety of colours, patterns and textures. Because it is manufactured under a standardized production process, they are homogenous and suitable for versatile applications while offering various benefits as those listed below:

Versatile Blend of Nature and Technology

It combines the best of nature and man-made technology. Composite Quartz is primarily 90+Quartz and remaining is crushed granite, marble, resins, pigments. It is manufactured in slabs that are later fabricated to suit the project requirements. This is the reason that composite quartz is resilient and resistant to abrasion, scratches, dents and acids along with great durability and easy maintenance.

Wide Range of Colours, Patterns and Textures:

The attractive appearance of composite quartz is one of its most appealing features. It comes in different finishes that range from polished, matte and textured surfaces, while its texture is determined by how the quartz is grounded. Thus while finely grounded quartz results in a smooth countertop, a roughly grounded quartz produces a flecked appearance. AGL Tiles presents stunning collection of composite across its Crystal Series, Elegant Series, Emerald Series, Silken Series and Spectra Series.

More Durable Than Granite:

Kitchen countertops undergo a lot and thus must be able to hold up against scratches and damages. Moreover with its low porosity and stain-resistance ensures that it is durable and easy to maintain. Granite has been popular for its rich shades and polished look, however composite quartz offers better functionality, aesthetics while being more affordable.

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