Flooring is an important element of brand personality, be it a hospital, hotel, corporate or even your home. However you must decide which among vitrified floor tiles, marble tiles, natural marble or composite marbles offers ease of maintenance and durability.

While natural marble floor stands out for its classic elegance and luxurious high-end appeal. However it is expensive, has high-installation cost and given its high porosity, is not easy to maintain against water, stain or scratches. Composite marble or engineered marble flooring as a popular alternative to natural marble offers the sophisticated look and feel of marble, at a very affordable price.

Composite marble is a combination of stone particles, combined with marble dust from real natural marble, polymer resins, pigments, strength polymers and gel coat to create realistic, natural-looking patterns that are durable, non-porous with spectacular veining patterns in brilliant colors.

Being visually appealing, affordable and easy to maintain, composite marble flooring is widely preferred among interior designers and homeowners, for both domestic and commercial projects. Moreover, since it is man-made in factory in either blocks or slabs, cut and polished by fabricators, they are easy to install and affordable.

Why Choose Composite Marble Over Natural Marble

Composite marble flooring comes in numerous options with wide variety of colors and designs such as AGL Tiles Empyrean Series, European series, Magnum series or Victorian series. Whether for hotels, Airports lounge, home or club, composite marble offers various benefits that range from affordability, uniformity to durability.

Resistance to Abrasion, Shock and Flexural Strength, non-porous


Composite marble have a polymer resin coat for extra layer of coating that makes them non-porous and resistant to stains, chips, scratches and spills. Further, Engineered marble are less impervious to moisture apart from being scratch and stain resistant. They also have higher abrasion and higher tensile strength that makes them easy to maintain and durable.

Dimension Stability Reduces Wastage During Installation

Since it is man-made and manufactured according to requirements, there is less wastage during installation as compared to installing real natural marble flooring. It is less expensive to fabricate and install engineered marble primarily because it is man-made and can be manufactured in slabs

Uniformity in Colour makes it Suitable for large application

Composite marble or engineered marble bring a seamless look for the floor and more uniformity in colours, design for large areas. Reduction in grout lines further means lesser dirt accumulation and better hygiene. With more emphasis on large open spaces, the use of composite marble has seen a surge in popularity. Further the fact that unlike natural marble, composite marble is manufactured based on requirement, allows making it available quicker.

AGL Tiles offers you the finest collection of composite marble to add exquisite elegance and artistic magnificence to your domestic or commercial project. Discover the stunning collection of composite marble today.