A bathroom renovation can do wonders for your home. Don’t let space be a constraint in your effort to give your bathroom a luxurious and glamorous spa-like makeover. Designing a small bathroom, whether bathroom floor tiles or just the look may appear challenging but on the on the contrary, all you need are some clever design hacks to create a functional and storage friendly bathroom space.

5 Design Tips Make The Most of Your Small Bathroom

Functionality is the key in small bathroom space. Work around with the space, tiles and colors to create an illusion of a more spacious bathroom and you can not only make your bathroom appear bigger but also more luxurious.

Choose a Large Mirror:

Having a large full-length mirror that covers the entire wall and reaches upto the ceiling will help create an illusion of space and reflect light that will make your bathroom appear spacious and brighter. Moreover it makes your bathroom look grand and stylish, especially with the right set bathroom wall tiles and plenty of natural light.

Porcelain Tiles & Color Palette:

Ensure that you choose one tone for your bathroom. Choosing a neutral color palette adds sense of elegance, calmness to your bathroom apart from making the most of the natural light. Choose large porcelain tiles like AGL Tiles Stila Crema (600 x 600 mm) or Rubino Beige (600x 600) in light colors to keep the bathroom bright and hygienic with large clean space. Similarly using ceramic wall tiles with textures, designs and patters adds depth and personality to your bathroom.

Choose Large Tiles:

Large format tiles like the Vitra (600 x 600 mm) make the space appear bigger due to reduction of grout lines and large clean space. Moreover unlike subway vinyl tiles that have high number of grout lines, larger tiles are easier to clean and maintain too.