Engineered marble offers the sophisticated and luxurious appeal of real marble without its inherent shortcoming like high porosity.

Composite marble is an artificial marble made from crushed stones bound together by polymer resin which ensure that it is able to offer low porosity, better colour consistency composite marble is able to offer no porosity, easy maintenance at very affordable rates.

Composite marble is gaining popularity in high-end residential houses, hotels, shopping malls, business centers, hotels and clubs for its ability to combine natural appearance of marble at affordable rates with more homogeneous design while also being readily available.

Why Choose Composite Marble for Your Commercial Projects?

Do you want luxurious interiors for your business center commercial project or are planning a renovation of your hotel or restaurant? Composite marble offers you the ultimate flooring solutions that add glamour with amazing array of beautiful patterns, colours and appearance with the luxurious appearance of marble. Here are the top reasons why composite marble makes a great choice for your commercial projects like hotels, shopping malls, business centers, hotels and clubs.

Wide Array of Colors and Patterns:

Unlike natural marble, composite marble is available in a wide array of colours, textures and patterns like the AGL Tiles European Series, Magnum Series or Crystal Series. Further because it is a man-made stone, the design and pattern are homogeneous, which adds to its elegance.

Dense and Low Porosity:

Although it is made up of 90% marble, composite marble is extremely strong, dense, and durable and has low porosity. This also makes it resistant to scratches, stains, bacteria and moisture which make it easy to maintain.

More Consistency in Design and Size:

Since composite marble is factory-made, it is manufactured in slabs and blocks, cut and polished by fabricators according to project requirements. This leads to less wastage during application.

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