Ceramic tiles are versatile in its applications and preferred for its durability and variety. A great choice for bathroom floors, ceramic tiles are available in a wide variety to textures and colours.

AGL Tiles offers the widest range of ceramic tiles online in a variety of style, colours, textures and designs, manufactured using the latest HIGH DEFINITON inkjet technology and technical collaboration from SACMI, Italy.

Benefits of Ceramic Bathroom Tiles:

While being affordable, durable and easy to install, ceramic bathroom tiles are easy to maintain too with its stain, scratch and water resistant surface. This makes it a great choice for bathroom floor, bathtubs and showers. Read on to know more about its remarkable features:

Durable & Easy-To-Maintain

Ceramic floor tiles are extremely tough (though not as tough as porcelain) and dense, that makes it difficult to crack. Glazed ceramic tiles like the AGL Tiles Vitra have a protective layer that makes them resistant to scratch, water and stain; they are also resistant to bacteria and moisture. Thus, regular maintenance makes them durable and easy to clean without much effort.


Ceramic Tiles are versatile in their applications that popularly include bathrooms, kitchen and more. They carry a PEI rating of 0 to 3 that indicates a tiles resistance to abrasion and sustainability for floor traffic, with PEI and PEII recommended as ceramic wall tiles, while whose with PEIII recommended for residential uses and finally PEIV+ recommended for commercial uses.

Wide variety of Designs & Low-Maintenance:

Innovations in technology and digital printing now make it possible to reproduce the natural look of the wood and natural stone. However it is necessary for ceramic tiles to have textures, else glazed ceramic bathroom tiles will be too slippery for your bathroom. On a positive note, these textures add depth and character to your bathroom.