Vitrified tiles have become a popular alternative for their low porosity, resistance to chemicals/ acids/ alkali/ acids, hard dense surface that gives them great strength and stain-resistance while also being easy to maintain. Among the different types of vitrified tiles, while glazed vitrified tiles are a preferred choice as floor tiles for interiors, vitrified paving tiles are a popular choice for parking, paving, balcony, garden and washing spaces.

AGL Tiles brings you parking plus heavy area tiling solutions with its GRANDURA Plus - Digital vitrified tiles for grandeur of design with extra durability. These vitrified paving tiles infuse latest technology to the exterior area of your home and decor it in a more beautiful way.

Why Use Heavy Duty Digital Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified paving tiles like the AGL Tiles Grandura Plus are versatile in their usage. Available in a broad range of authentic colours and textures, these combine exceptional strength while being contemporary and modern. Strong, durable and trendy, these heavy duty digital vitrified tiles are a great choice for homeowners like you for your balcony, garden or parking. So what benefits does the heavy duty vitrified tiles offer? Read below to discover the amazing benefits they offer? Read on to know more:

Strong & Durable:

These heavy duty outdoor tiles are hard and dense which makes them exceptionally strong which gives them the ability to easily withstand high traffic pressure.


They are abrasion resistant and anti-skid, thus making them a great choice for garden, parking and pavement. Digital vitrified tiles like the AGL Tiles Grandura Pixelo also offer exceptional stain resistance and slip-resistance.

Contemporary & Stylish:

Available in wide range of trendy colours and textures, these make the exterior of your home stunning and presentable. Not only do they require low maintenance, they require minimal maintenance and make your garden or parking areas look presentable. Discover the exciting Grandura Plus collection of decorative heavy duty digital vitrified tiles in authentic appearances and textures.