If you think there are limitations in kitchen faucets/taps and fixtures, then this blog might change your mind. Love modern look or for a contemporary twist, we also have trendy faucet finish for you. Keep reading!

Here are some emerging kitchen faucets to consider in 2020:

1. AGL Sensor Tap : 

Faucets are already a technological wonder. And sensor faucet is above everything. Operated with senses, it is ideal for the small children who might not be able to reach the tap. Nowadays even mothers love automatic faucets too because they are easy to operate. Have hands covered with flour and do not want it to stick to your tap? Not a problem anymore!

2. Faucet for Kitchen at commercial space: 


There is an ultimate rise of foodies in the country. This means we need kitchen outfitted with innovative commercial gear. And with the latest faucet technology are just a few of the things they crave, we would suggest you to go with AGL Bathware The commercial kitchen faucet should be stainless-steel, with a high arch, single handle operation. Having a pull down nozzle will be bonus for the person working there since there will be comparatively higher dishes to wash. Pull-down faucet offers ease and flexibility in cleaning. Another pro is they're simple and easy to use. Commercial grade kitchen faucets are hard-wearing and last you an extended time.

3. Semiprofessional Faucets for Home Kitchens: 

The professionalization of the house kitchen has been an ongoing trend, with consumers choosing professional-quality and top-range faucet. AGL introduced semiprofessional kitchen faucets. They a pull-down nozzle and appealing appearance with a stretchy hose structure and an important nozzle spray. The buyer here needs to be sure that their sink and tap matches the criterion, design and colors.

4. Retro-look faucet: 

Bring back the 80’s! The charm of 80’s kitchen decor is nothing without the perfect faucet accompaniment. Looking at the increased demands of retro-look, AGL Bathware recently launched wall-mounted faucets. With their separate knobs for warm and cold water, delicate spouts and availability in various finishes like Bronze and Silver, there's something luxurious about the wall mounted kitchen faucet.

5. Trendy faucet design: 

Bronze fixtures are ones that bring the craze in kitchens. And this is why Bronze finish faucets are reflected within the year’s top kitchen faucet trends. This isn’t something within the kitchens that our parents have preferred. Bronze kitchen faucets bring warmth to a lightweight décor palate and an update to you conventional design scheme at home.

Be a trendsetter! With AGL Bathware by your side don’t be afraid to try a new finish or mix finishes in your kitchen. Write to us your style!