There's an exact trend emerging within the world of tile over the past few years. And multicolored tiles have gotten downright sassy. We're seeing this trend across all kinds of homes and corporate spaces.

When it involves choosing a tile for your space, there's an endless amount of tile shapes, patterns, and styles to settle on from especially COLORS. When wondering where to begin, it’s no surprise that the method is a bit overwhelming. However, understanding the various tile shapes and patterns in different colors can facilitate what you are searching for.

So, if you have been thinking of renovating your house, this blog is for you to leap in and select it. Take a look:

Triangle or square patterned tile is commonly the go-to choice for people who want smaller, square-shaped tiles in their homes. Spider Grey Décor Tile by AGL is one such tile available in a wide range in many colors and styles. There are typically four different shapes of triangle/square tile including traditional square-shaped, rectangular-shaped, and smaller versions of both of them combined. Choose whatever you feel is best for you.

Minimalist decor tiles are perfect for those looking to make a feature wall, especially if you are searching how to inject a touch of your personality and magnificence into a practical space. You needn’t tile entire walls either, just the areas which are vulnerable to spills and splashes. A kitchen or bathroom wall where it gently catches the sunshine, AGL Opulence Decor tile adds warmth to your space. You can team it with plain-looking tiles.

The eclectic nature of the Tozzo color plus designer tile is for the lovers of the casual but cozy look. With its variations of randomized color and pattern, it has an excessive amount of personality to ever venture out of fashion. This is what makes it perfect for the feature wall or to make a specific area of interest. This tile suits contemporary home decor with a rustic theme.

Natural stone is usually used for the outdoor environment, because of its low porosity and maintenance characteristics. If you are a fan of natural stone-look alike and wish to own options in it, AGL offers a vivid range of parking vitrified tiles. For example, our stone-looking Parking Vitrified Rock Verde Plus has the timeless appearance of real marble with easy maintenance and water resistance property. Another choice in stone-finish is AGL Vitrified Gripstone Bruno Plus also imitates travertine's earthy look.

Whatever color or pattern you choose, AGL Tiles has it all!

May your life be colored with hues of happiness and joy. AGL wishes you all a very Happy Holi!