Your home is probably the safest place on Earth, but is it? Is your home germ-free and clean? Germs are everywhere and once they enter our bodies, they can cause problems. Especially, when there is a lot of threat ongoing due to virus.

One possible solution is the use of disinfectants. But you can't disinfect every place but you can free your home and its surrounding area from germs. Having a sanitized home is important for health and wellbeing.

This is why AGL is sharing easy tricks to stay your home germ-free and clean.

1. Maintain a decent hygiene routine

Maintaining cleanliness and ensure the house is free from the germs should be the priority for all people. To induce it right, you wish to use proper disinfectants and keep the waste removed from your home. If you're a busy working individual, start small. If not daily, then ensure deep cleaning once a week.

2. Use exhaust fans

While cleaning your house, pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom. Keep them clean and dry. It is a standard proven fact that high content of moisture and humidity are the most favorable conditions for the germs like fungi, bacteria, virus, etc. Exhaust fans can decrease the occurrence of molds, stink, etc.

3. Ensure proper ventilation

Enclosed spaces free from any quite sunlight or air are greatly susceptible to germs. Every room or space of your home must have proper ventilation, especially your bathroom. Also, make it a habit to open the doors and windows at least for once daily to permit the natural sunlight and air into your home. This can purify the atmosphere within your home and can keep the germs at bay.

4. Disinfect cleaning sponge for kitchen utensils

Talking about cooking, it's vital to keep all the kitchen utensils clean. It's also essential to wash them once with water just before using them. This can be to get rid of any dirt which can have gotten accumulated while you weren't using them. But, what's even more important is disinfecting the sponge you utilize to scrub those utensils.

It’s not only about home. Have you ever wondered why people get sick more often even after keeping your home clean? We stay cooped up indoors, where we more frequently inherit contact with people and their germs. Luckily, there are things we can do to fight germs. Let’s start small.

  • It goes without saying - regular hand washing is the key to stopping germs from spreading, especially for folks who are already sick. Consider carrying hand sanitizer in your car or purse to own on-hand once you need it.
  • Next, consider the small things around your house that need to be swept.
  • Disinfect light switches, knobs, handles, toys and even the buttons on your equipment more often during the cold and flu season.

Now, let’s consider other ways in which germs can enter our homes.

  • Except for dirt, your shoes can track germs throughout your house and imbed them within the carpet and floors on which your kids play daily. Make it a habit for family members and guests to get rid of their shoes at the door as they enter your home.
  • Frequently clean and wash bed sheets, blankets, and pillow-cases & couch cushions

AGL Tiles urges people to be aware, stay healthy and preach hygieness!