Choosing new bathroom fixtures isn't as easy as it seems. And faucet is one of them. Although it seems simple, it is really complicated than you think that. So, when it involves faucets, what are the various kinds and the way does one choose the correct one for their bathroom?

Let's have a glance at some technical and decor characteristics.

Faucet Types

If you're replacing an old bathroom faucet with a replacement one, it is best if you utilize the identical installation type. The holes will fit and you will not have to worry about whether or not your faucet will work.

Center-set faucet: A center-set faucet contains a spout and two handles in a very single, solid unit. The 2 side holes are drilled 4 inches apart.

Widespread faucet: This sort of faucet installation has the spout and two handles as three separate components.

Single-hole faucet: This faucet is a single unit, with one handle controlling both hot and cold water. Also used for motion sensor faucets.

Wall-mounted faucet: It is installed within the wall, not within the sink or counter.

Faucet Features

Faucets are pretty simple, so there aren't many features to contemplate.

  1. 1. The first one is the spout arc height. The arc height tells you how tall the spout of your faucet it. If there's a cupboard or shelf, you may have to measure and ensure if the spout fits.
  2. 2 .The second feature is that the number of handles.

Faucet Style

Faucets typically are available three distinctive styles:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Transitional (an in-between style that features elements from both traditional and modern)

Choosing a faucet style is fun. You'll be able to give your bathroom with a sleek, contemporary faucet, or make a remarkable statement with a retro style. There are endless probabilities, and this is often where you get to precise with your creativity and private tastes.

Faucet Finishes

The finish has a crucial influence on the general look of your bathroom. You can have all the Bathware of the same finish or create a mix-and-match pattern, whatever suits you better!

Chrome finish: The foremost common finish for faucets of every kind. The reflective surface looks wonderful when clean, but is definitely marred by water stains. It has to be cleaned regularly.

Gold: Currently a classy finish, gold is warm that appears retro or perhaps antique. Works best for bathrooms that try and achieve a retro, traditional look.

Bronze: Darker than brass, bronze evokes luxury and tradition. Perfect for a luxurious spa-like experience!

Black: Modern and striking, black finishes are increasing in popularity. It hides dirt well and contrasts with light countertops and sinks.

Chrome and black finish are in line with modern styles, while others are traditional.

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