Wood floor tiles for bathrooms are ideas from the mid-century modern. These were successful then. However nowadays, ideas like wooden floor tiles, lined furniture, and floor-to-ceiling sliding doors are being incorporated into many homes.

In this blog, we'll see some ways you'll be able to bring back look inspired with mid-century bathroom tile guide:

1. Bathroom decor inspiration

Designs from mid-century are inspired from nature. The utilization of wooden tiles extends to floor tiles, wall tiles, cabinets, and doors. It seamlessly connects the indoors with the outside. This unification will make your bathroom more spacious and grand. These designs are minimalistic and hence, provide a classy impression. If you're a nature lover, introduce this inspect with wooden floor tiles and make your bathroom interiors sleeker.

2. Lighting ideas and tips

With bathrooms becoming larger, proper lighting is crucial to creating the foremost of the space. Minimalistic lightings are an ideal fit with wooden floor tiles. Start with the bathroom ceiling for general illumination. Introduce lamps that highlight the wooden floor tiles and cabinets. Otherwise you can have a flexibility to regulate the lighting area whenever needed. Add dimmers to form your bathroom appear serene.

3. Paint color ideas for bathroom

  • • Black
  • Dark colors combined with copper or silver Bathware brings sophistication
  • • Magenta
  • Pop of pink with fun patterned wall tiles for brighter theme
  • • Blue
  • Vibrant blue is the perfect way to lighten up your bathroom.
  • • Plum
  • Purple colored walls add a touch of femininity.
  • • Yellow
  • Light Yellow strips will herald youthful vibes
  • • Red
  • Energize your bathroom with dramatic Red
  • • Green
  • Nature is soothing and so is Green

4. Introduce glass doors for bathrooms

One of the ways to renovate your bathroom is to separate the shower area from the rest of the space. This could be achieved by shower cubicles (glass separation) and enclosures that look sleek, modern and splendid.

5. Decorate your bathroom with ethnic accessories

Home accessories always add more charm to the place. It also defines your choices and personality. Try being more rooted to the place where you reside and opt for ethnic accessories. This makes the place feel more cozy. Matching your bathroom tiles with the accessories will create a surreal look.

6. Add a touch of green

Houseplants bring the perfect amount of life and greenery to any room. The best part is, there are so many to choose from! They're both beautiful and stunning. They're usable (natural air filtration!)! No doubt, they will be a seamless addition to any Mid-Century bathroom.

Welcome the mid-century feel into your home with these minor changes and designer tiles by AGL Tiles.

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