As the year is coming to a close, it makes good sense to look back and unravel some of the top most home decor and interior design trends which dominated 2015. Who is to say that these trends will follow suit in 2016 as well? But then, don’t count out the evergreen promise of tiles. Tiles are perhaps the only consistent factor when it comes to interior design trends for the past decade.

Be it wall tiles or digital tiles or floor tiles or bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles and more, tiles tend to find some use by hook or by crook. And more often than not, they pull off their purposes with a pinch of panache and bundles of sophistication.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty now:


1. Rugs Which Speak Volumes:

Use rugs which can put art pieces in their righteous place. Laden with a fluid feel and irregular working, your rugs should exude anything but a conventional look.

2. Graphic Wall Tiles:

We bet that there can be no house without tiles. That being said, it fares well if you spice things up a bit. Upon research, you’d find that now you can implant graphic wall tiles or graphic floor tiles for that matter. You can use them as bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles as well. The thing with graphics is – you can opt for anything and everything.

3. Moody Indigo:

The era of navy blue is here! Some famous designers are now turning to this shade as a counterpart for the classic white. The fact that it goes well with almost everything (including grey, cream, sage and pink) gives it an edge over other options.

4. Mirrored Furniture:

All you need to do is improvise and be creative. Use mirrors as centrepieces and a mirrored accent piece wouldn’t look too shabby either. It just gives a royal look and appeal. Moreover, these sets of furniture are easy to clean as well. Also, they go well with tiles in general.

5. Alphabets As Decor:

Simply print something cool on a piece of white paper and enclose it in a classic glossy black frame and you’re good to go. Nothing can look cleaner than this! We all remember the ‘Keep Calm’ posters all over our wall tiles, don’t we? You can also use bold metal letters with eccentric light bulbs.

6. Smoky Glass:

Clear is not so clear anymore. Blur is in! You heard it right. If you want a raw yet defined look, something which enhances the masculinity or femininity inside you, smoky glass is what you need. And a little privacy never hurt anybody if you’re looking to use it as a door.