New year brings new hope, a new sense of belonging or at the least, it acts as a wake-up call! Normally, we would buy new clothes for our loved ones, throw barbeque parties and make far- fetched vacation plans, but let this year be different. Remember those four letters which form our most favourite place in the world? H-O-M-E

Houses in general have an identical setting and location but what sets them apart are the accessories and the interiors. Right from vibrant looking candles to graphic wall tiles to personalized cushions, there’s room for everything.

Here we cite a list of some home accessories which you just can’t miss no matter what:


1. Light Up To Make A Statement:

This year is all about statement lighting. More than simply adding a light source, improvise with pendant lighting or alphabet shaped metal stands which have spaces for bulbs as well. Truth be told, statement lighting can turn a morbid bedroom into a mysterious and sophisticated retreat.

2. A Piece Of Art That Melts Your Heart:

Some random art form which has handsomely been pinned on your wall tiles won’t do! Art needs to be personalized, it needs to mean something. Surround yourself with things you love and things that hold a purpose in your life.

3. Cushions That Speak:

Everyone needs cushion who just metaphorically speak what you are all about. Be it fancy colour patterns or a sportsperson you religiously follow or word quotes, you can never go wrong with these.

4. An Organized Bookshelf:

For all book lovers out there, you ought to have a chic and classy looking bookshelf, preferably in your living room so you can flaunt it to the world. Just remember that it needs to be organized by all means with respect to genres, alphabetically or author based.

5. Fancy Clockwork:

New year signals the departure of old and the influx of new. Get rid of all those basic and mundane designs which are donning your wall tiles and replace them with funky designs which grab the attention of the onlookers. Such items qualify as cool gifts as well.

6. Eccentric Rugs:

If you’re a sucker for that urbane and sophisticated look, then rugs will do you the world of good. Better yet, you can also use tiles as rugs depending on the other sets of tiles in your house. For example: A solid black rug with rugged patterns goes well with classic white floor tiles.

7. Impact Walls:

Bold wallpapers, textured colour patterns, hand painted caricatures, high design vinyls, graphic wall tiles and more – this is what impact walls are all about. They might cost more than traditional walls, but then you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

Change is very much needed in all walks of life. And home decor is no different! Make sure you don’toverdo as there’s a very thin line between something artistic and beautiful and something which goes overboard.