Finding an Interior Designer can be a tiresome job because you want someone who can understand your thought process and someone who can help you build the one thing that is top on your priority list.

Hiring someone to design your interior is like finding the tattoo shop to get yourself inked permanently that’s going to stay forever on your skin and won’t wash off no matter how hard you rub it with soap. In a similar way once the interior designer is done with his or her job, you’ll either be left with a home you always dreamed about or a house that doesn’t define who you are.

It includes everything including furniture, the colour of the walls or flooring you walk on. Do you think you even know which flooring stone would you choose for your bathroom floor; would you choose quartz stone, ceramic tiles, composite marble, engineered marble or would just ask to fit any bathroom tiles? By the time you know the difference between all these stones and which one to choose from, the next season would come knocking your door which would mean that its too late. For all these things, you would need some expert advice to help you out and guide you through the entire procedure.


If you are looking for an interior designer and don’t know how to hire one then you’ve come to the right place my friend! We will help you out with the basics of interior designing so that when you hire an interior designer, you can guide him according to how you imagined your house to be. Now when we talk about designing a house completely, it involves a lot of things like flooring, painting, furnishing and it obviously involves budget planning.


Choose Your Interior Designer Carefully


  1. The first and foremost thing you need to do before hiring an interior designer is to check the designer’s credibility if he is a certified Interior Designer and has he ever worked before on some lucrative interior design projects.


  1. Interior designing is a business and as far as hiring an interior designer is concerned, you should always treat it as a business deal and interview the potential candidates. Also, networking is one factor you should definitely look out for, when interviewing the interior designer so that he can arrange all the resources at the lowest possible rates.



  1. Your relationship with the candidate you select matters the most because understanding is key to every relationship, isn’t it! So you need to build a good rapport with the designer.


  1. Interior designers are professionals but don’t forget they are also humans and they have preferences so if they suggest something and you don’t like it then it’s ok to say no.



  1. An Interior designer must know the science behind the production of the materials they use for your house. For example: When selecting stones for kitchen they should know how vitrified tiles are made and why are they better than composite marble, agglomerated marble or engineered marble.


Be it picking out bathroom tiles or the tough choice between floor tiles and composite marble, or if you want to go overboard with quartz stone instead, everybody needs a little help sometimes! This is where an interior designer will do you the world of good.