Technology is a combination of methods, techniques, processes and skills required in order to provide goods and services for mankind or scientific discoveries. Like every other thing, technology also has its pros and cons. Technology has provided comfort and has made things easier for humans but it has also made us lazy and lethargic at the same time. This is a paradoxical world that we live in!

Technology has existed ever since the beginning of time and is part of our daily life. No matter wherever you go in the modern world, you will find technology everywhere.



When Technology Met The Designing World


“Design is a funny word.  Some People think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.” - Steve Jobs. Steve was someone who introduced the world of design and technology to us. He already knew what people want before they even realized what it was they wanted. It was a piece of technology with a design that looks like a work of art that we call an iPhone today.



Technology & Designs In Our Day To Day Life


Technology has made it possible to construct a place that not only provides a roof on our head but also a place that defines who we are called ‘Home’. I am sure you have not thought about the floor you walk on or how is it made and what part technology plays in it. The floor tiles or the wall tiles that are used to make your home more spacious are usually vitrified tiles that are manufactured by tile companies or tile manufacturers.

These companies hydraulic press the mixture of quartz stone, silica, clay and feldspar in order to get a vitreous surface and that creates a single mass that is hard and have low porosity. Now, who would have imagined how technology has played its part in the making of these floor tiles or wall tiles that we see every day and is used to build the surface we walk on. It reminds of a time when my sister who is an interior designer used digital tiles for restaurants on which you can get any design, pattern or photo printed.


Architects use technology in order to make 3 dimensional models and designs on computer through AutoCAD. Geometry is an essential part of architecture that looks at the manufacture process, design and analysis. Have you ever imagined a life without technology? How difficult it would be without dwellings that are constructed with the amalgamation of design, science and technology. Without technical skills and applications, it would have been very difficult to construct a roof over our heads and we would still be living in caves or other natural shelters. Let’s just bask in the glory of coming this far!