If you haven't set up your Christmas tree yet, do it now - #ChristmasIsAroundTheCorner. While you have some leftover ornaments from last year, you definitely need a few more for this Christmas - don't you?

Here are five easy DIY christmas ornament tutorials. Get on to them rightaway and adorn your christmas tree with these hand-made decorations.
Wine-Cork Reindeers: All you need is used wine corks, googly eyes, pom-pom nose, pipe cleaners and glue! Bring them all together and your red-nosed reindeer is ready to go on the Christmas Tree.
Scrabble Tile Ornament: Now that you are a scrabble expert, create your own short and sweet Christmas message by pasting together words from your scrabble tiles. Give it an interesting shape by clever use of words and hang it pretty on the tree.
Mini-Wreaths: Weave together anything - a string, a piece of cloth, a slice of wood or a few leaves. Add a ribbon flower and glitter - the mini-wreaths are ready to go up on your tree.
Button Snow-man: Paste three two-eyed buttons on a piece of cloth cut in the shape of the snowman. Make sure that the top button is perpendicular to the other two so that the holes make the snow-man's eyes. Cut a dark-coloured cloth in the shape of a hat and paste it on the top button. With a string, your tree gets its very own snowman.
Sparkling Ornaments: Turn old night bulbs into sparkling ornaments. Add different coloured glitters on each of these and add a string. Your Christmas tree shines like a diamond.
All that is left is the big start atop the tree. With the lesson above, we are sure you have your own wonderful idea for that star! Go ahead, make a star, be a star and light up your Christmas Tree. Spread the light and have a blessed Christmas. Celebrate the beautiful life.