Your home decor tastes have been widely influenced by your travel. When you touched the Mediterranean coast, you could not believe the mosaic of colours your eyes were treated to. You wanted to bring back home the serenity of the pristine blue and green waters. 
Cool colours such as blue, green and light purple have the ability to calm and soothe. Use cool coloured tiles in areas of your house where you need to relax and at the same time need the feeling of more space.

Back home, the cold of the winters is harsh. You need the warmth of the sun and the heat of the fire. Use of warm coloured tiles inside the house makes it cozier and more intimate.

Warm colours are made with orange, red, yellow and combinations of them all. Warm colors look as though they come closer, or advance which is why they're often used to make large rooms look cozier. 
Use the warm and cool colours depending on the seasons you experience in your city. If you experience different seasons, key is to 'Create Balance'. There is a huge variety of tiles that comes in cool and warm colours and an intelligent use of these, liven up the space.


Work with a combination of the cool and warm colours for your home decor - too much warmth in one area might make it stuffy after sometime and too much coolness in the other has the ability of making the space feel empty. Strike a balance with the right use of primary elements and accessorising.

Experience the world in your beautiful space. Create magic with the right use of tiles. Celebrate the beautiful life.