If you are looking for a best flooring solution, you might have already researched well enough to see the trends. Floors play a vital role in home décor and create an equally huge impact in uplifting the overall appearance for your home.

Here are few things that should be taken into consideration before you make your choice:

1. Be a color specific

You should aim to coordinate your floor tile color with the entire room that includes furnishing and wall tiles. The room schemes have a style to adhere where only certain colors will match. One way to determine color is by the amount of natural light in your room. Determine if your floor tiles need to reflect light to make the room feel larger or if a darker color will suit the ambience.

Choose wisely since floor tiles will last for many years. To lessen your stress AGL Tiles is here to offer the best flooring solution to you that have a will stand the test of time.

2. Pick a tile pattern and size

Out of several choices available, design your plan before to opt for a tile. Tile patterns include:

  • •  Wood

  • They are amazingly natural. AGL wooden floor tiles comes with zero- maintenance, are durable and slip resistance. That means it is highly preferable in the high traffic areas of your home. You do not need to stress over the stamp marks left by a cup of tea or any other eatables as they are stain safe. AGL Wooden tiles do not need any special care and are easy to clean.

  • •  Geometric shape

  • A pattern can change the entire look and feel of the room. The geometric shape should be such that it mixes well with the overall space. That will help to add a contemporary and color element according to the bathroom scheme you chose. Bold patterned tiles give a dynamic edge to your room making it look spacious and elegant.

  • •  Glossy

  • Glossy floor tiles are known for its mirror-like effect. It reflects more light making your room look brighter and wider. Glossy tiles are popular due to their beautiful look and are excellent choice for darker and light-limited areas.

  • •  Matt

  • Matt tiles are preferable when you are looking for a natural or rustic look in a living space. AGL provides you a huge variety of effects that include cement, stone, wood, and slate tiles. Install floor tiles in matt finishes now and exude warm, natural, and homely look. Get an appearance will add a touch of authenticity to your space.

AGL has a collection of varying floor tiles in different tile finishes, geometric shapes and dimensions. Whatever your style is, we provide everything.

3. Ceramic or Porcelain or Vitrified tiles

Porcelain tiles are stronger and denser than ceramic tiles. Porcelain and parking vitrified tiles are also a popular choice for outdoor due to their tile characteristics. They are non-porous which prevents soaking up of water and avoids cracking the tile. However, it depends on usage of floor tile. AGL parking vitrified tiles are specially formulated to suit outdoor environment. They are strong and can withstand continuous friction by people or vehicle. Ceramic tiles are preferred for commercial and domestic use like kitchen. For corporate sector and mall, porcelain tiles are more suitable due to its strength.

Once you settle down for floor tiles, here’s a guide if you’re looking out to customize your home walls