AGL serves the best and gives you supreme quality bathroom tiles. But out of several tile designs available, which one will suit you the best and why.

Get rid of this dilemma with a quick guide that will give your bathroom a look it deserves.

1. A touch of wood


While wood is a durable choice for bathroom walls, it looks fantastic on the ceiling as well. It delivers a style that adds a sense of natural warmth in a space. Wood is easy to clean with basic household detergents. It is much less slippery than glazed tile.Using wood in the bathroom along with other patterned tileswill create a fresh and tidy look.

2. Mixture of bold colors


Like a sophisticated tile, multi-coloured tile is another classic trend that’s currently very popular. If you are thinking of experimenting with bold colors tiles, a blend of colors is always a hit. You can use it on specific areas of your bathroom like a bathtub, shower wall, or behind the mirror. This timeless style is available in a variety of colors at AGL.

3. Marble is beautiful


Classic and elegant are few of the synonyms of marble, making it a good choice for bathroom décor. People prefer marbles in their bathroom because it brightens up the whole shower area. Many tend to add decorative tiles along with the plain ones to break up the monotony. But in case of marble, it comprises ofclassic-modern fixture elements that there is no need of decorative tiles.

4. Dark textured tiles


Color has a huge impact on mood and so does your bathroom. It is a place which has a tendency to refreshyou in just a moment. Choosing darker shades of the spectrum is nowadays popular due to the cocooning effect it creates.In the picture of the tile above, an AGL tile backsplash in a deep shade of greywill set a striking tone if you want acontemporary bathroom.

For many, having a darker shades tile in your space especially in bathroom may seem daunting. But that doesn’t eliminate the option to use one bright white element for an illuminating effect.

AGL has categories ranging from Ceramic tiles, Grestek Series, Quartz stone series, special effect tiles which comprises of a huge variety of bathroom tiles. This collection comes in various tile finishes like glossy, matt,silky, etc.

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